3D Printed solutions for Home Automation


I think many of us here are tinkerers at heart (at least I am) and along with Home Automation I am also having fun with my 3D printer. I already see there is an old 3D printer topic in the forum.

One of the things I like best is to find a model for my Home Automation gear, or if it does not exist, design something myself.

So I would be interested to see if others have either found or designed something interesting for their HA needs.

To start this of, here are 2 of my own designs:


Nice, man.
I'd not associated 3D printing with home automation until your post so thx.
You've opened me up to it. Cheers,


Your welcome. Since I got a 3D printer and I buy new stuff (Google Home, HA, a bag of chips) I always start by checking if I can print anything that might enhance that product...

Since someone might wonder, for the bag of chips you can print clips to seal the bag :wink:


One of the things that I have also printed is a temperature radiation shield for an external DS18b20 temperature probe. It definitely helps with getting more accurate temperature readings.

Not my own design:


See, there you go, you just got me thinking about a small bracket that could fit over or around a USB power pack and hold my Google Home Mini.
Turn it into a nice tidy, Plug in, wall mounted, TTS speaker. :slight_smile:


Yes, I know the feeling. Take a look at Thingiverse. There are also other STL sites available, but I found a design that might be what you are looking for:


It'd have to suit the Aussie GHM power adapter. I'll check the sizes in the morning.


OMG these are hilarious !


All these 3d printers and noone had a hubitat mount. I created one and put it on Thingiverse. It was my first ever item created, so don't be too harsh. I wanted something like the Hue holster so that I can remove the hub when re-cabling or cleaning.

It sets off all sorts of OCD non symmetrical alarms in me, but due to the stick location and the power I had to do it this way.


Very nice ! I take it that it is mounted sticks down ? (Don´t have my hub here to compare). Incidentally, can you have both sticks together directly into the USB plugs at the same time ?

For me they are a tad to big and slant sideways when I do that. I couldn't take it with my OCD so I used one on the extension cable :wink:


This is power cable down so the usb are on the right side. You can have both usb installed. My ups is below the wall so thats why I have it mounted that way. I tried to make the two pieces the same size even though they are 90 degrees rotated.