Show Off Your Dashboards!

We would love to see what you are doing with Hubitat Dashboard (or any other dashboard solution integrated with Hubitat).

Feel free to post screen shots, videos, etc. of what you are doing with dashboards, how you are using them and what your plans for the future are.

Sharing what you are doing can help inspire others to do the same. If you want to even share your dashboard layout which will include any custom colors, backgrounds, rows, and columns, you can paste in the layout json file. This file does include your device ids, but nothing else specific to your system.

Remember to use the </> code block when pasting in the json layout file.


Right now I have 13 dashboards. One for each room, security and weather. Displayed on Android tablets in each room using Fully Kiosk Browser and DAKboard for screensaver. Also works great on our laptops and Android phones. Weather data is coming from my personal weather station, KMADRACU9.


I like a simple layout that I can easily tell what on/open from my phone when away from home.

Everything Off

A few items on/open

Bedroom Dash


I see that both of you have multiple dashboards. I would love to have multiple dashboards, but when I create and click on a tile dashboard link to a second dashboard, it opens on my wall mounted ipad mini in full safari instead of the app like (Save to desktop) interface. Kind of ruins the experience. Neither Action tiles or smart tiles had this behavior. How are you guys getting around that?


like the simplicity of your dashboards. love that rooms occupancy has a place on your dashboards. :slight_smile:


@patrick This is my #1 issue with the Hubitat Dashboard as well. There must be a simple fix? Action Tiles and SmartTiles behave correctly, so there must be a simple solution (I hope!)


Yessir...I plan to have a dashboard panel dedicated to room occupancy with motion/contact sensors etc.


This has been fixed in next release. All links should now stay within the mobile / save to home interface without opening in safari.


I wish I could push the heart button 10 more times!


In all honesty, not many people pointed this out till now. Annoyed me as well, but figured since that's how IOS does links in save to desktop, that's how apple wanted it. Android and Chrome don't do this...

However, the fix was fairly simple, some days I just have to wonder if Apple would be better off creating their own internet. :slight_smile:


awesome! i havent had time to move other full rooms to hubitat yet ... but the one full room i have moved i have something similar on dashboard with occupancy, the occupancy switches and all the devices in it:

the button 1, ..., button 9 etc is for directly setting the room state from dashboard. 1 = occupied, 3 = vacant, 4 = locked and 9 = engaged.

now counting on @patrick to provide a way to use custom text instead button x on the tile so it reads occupied, ..., engaged :slight_smile:


How is everyone making and displaying dashboards? Some how I missed this feature. Is there an app to install?

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yes. install the hubitat dashboard app from load new app on the app screen.


See this thread:

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Thank you!

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the star trek reference did not go un-noticed. Naming buttons is on the list... I need an extra 4-6 hours in each day or a time machine.


thanks! busy much on the weekends? :wink:

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What's a weekend?


Some of the ones I am working on while getting stuff cleaned up device/hub wise - as you can see the liquor cabinet door is open ... must be working on home automations :slight_smile:


this is still taking shape ... most of my devices are still on ST so lot to do ... but this is my home dashboard with some notes on it. its actually taking shape nicely. even though i am not much of a dashboard person ...i can already see what it will look like when i get everything migrated over :slight_smile:

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