Dashboard requests

Built my new house with HE, and have several suggestions regarding the Dashboard:

  1. Allow renaming tiles.
    Have many switches, I named them in organized schema. E,g, L1 R1 Door Switch. which is good to find it in the device list but very bad when I want to place it in the DB.
    In addition, sometimes I want to call it Dan's Light but in the Dans room dashboard, I want to call it "Light"
    In addition, all the switches names are in English but I want it to be written in Hebrew in the dashboard.
    So I suggest that you will allow setting the displayed name in the tiles.

  2. Allow different height for tiles (or at least for rows), allowing adding a line of text that is not so wide.

  3. Allow copying template from dashboard to dashboard.

  4. Allow direct link to specific dashboard. so that I can save a shortcut to specific dashboard in my tablet.

  5. Allow removing the description for a tile e.g. If I have a dashboard tile, I don't need the word "dashboard" below the dashboard name.

  6. From some reason the switch template doesn't allow setting custom icon. furthermore It could be nice if I can change the on/off icon for each tile.

Thats all for now :slight_smile:

Some of these things you can already do:

The cogs/gear icon in the upper right and then "Advanced" will give you JSON code that you can copy and paste part or all of into the same area of another Dashboard. ("Templates" are a feature built-in to Dashboard, so I'm guessing you mean other customizations, like custom colors for templates. To do this specifically, you could copy and paste everything in the section that looks like:

"customColors": [
    { ....   

or you can copy and paste everything to re-create that exact Dashboard, assuming you have the same devices selected in the Dashboard child app for that dashboard.)

This is already available in the Dashboard child app for that Dashboard:


To get here, go to "Apps" (not "Dashboards"), then look for the "child app" under "Hubitat Dashboard" for your specific Dashboard. As the link names suggest, the LAN link will work anywhere you have access to your local network; the cloud link will go over the Internet and will work from more or less anywhere.

I just tried it with a new switch I added to a test Dashboard and it worked for me. :man_shrugging:

I'm not 100% sure what you mean here, but this might already be possible. You can make any tile taller or wider than average by adjusting its height or width with these arrows:


(A different but related trick some people use is making the Dashboard have twice as many rows and/or columns as they really want, then making all tiles have a height and/or width of 2 except for "special" tiles that they want to be extra-small, creating the illusion of "half-size" tiles.)

This might not be exactly what you want, but I'll mention it in case it helps. Hubitat has two fields for devices that (can) affect the display name: "Device Name" and "Device Label." If "Device Label" is not set, Hubitat will use "Device Name" as the display name. If "Device Label" is set, it will still show you "Device Name" in may places (including the device list in smaller text) but will use "Device Label" for most purposes. However, you can search/filter the device list (search box in upper right to filter, or either that or your browser's search feature to search if you prefer) with either of these fields (or a few more, including network ID).

By default, "Device Name" is often set to the name of the driver with which the device paired, which itself is often the manufacturer and model of the device or the name of a "Generic" driver. You can change this (and the device label) to whatever you want. In your case, perhaps you'd want "Device Name" in English and "Device Label" in Hebrew. Note that this affects more than Dashboard (it is how your devices will display in apps, logs, etc.), so I understand if it's not really what you want--just thought I'd mention it as an option!

Also, it's a bit of work to set up, but I think Smartly--a community Dashboard "add-on"/customization tool--could help with this particular goal without needing to do any of the above. There are also lots of other neat things it can do, so you might want to check it out regardless.


Thanks for the shout-out of @spelcheck 's smartly dashboard editor. Although I have to object to the "bit of work to setup" part. Have you seen my 0:36 second video?

Having setup several community apps/drivers, I feel it is a bit of stretch to put smartly in that column. Granted you can do a lot more with smartly than my 30 seconds quick start shows. However I think the team has done a great job making it 'easy' to use.

'Easy' being a relative word, @9999341 in addition to the well detailed points posted above, check out the smartly dashboard editor, and see what you think. It does check a few more of the boxes you mentioned.

You may also want to review the thread below. It is old, but updated often. It is long, but has tons of ideas on how to make outstanding dashboards, on multiple platforms. Some being much "harder" then others :wink:


This is what this community is about @bertabcd1234 and @TechMedX :raised_hands:


Incredible free consultancy from The Master, as always.

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Thanks all, for the detailed answers.
Have some work now... :grinning:
@TechMedX, How did you implement the groups of windows etc.
The same is, how do I add the 7 days forecast, I saw in the dashboards link.

Still I think it would be nice if I can change the name of the tile without connection to it's name or label. As I wrote, it is connected to localization issues and naming convention.

I do this all the time with smartly (I use long descriptive names for devices). Sometimes that is the only function I use when adding a tile to an existing dash. Changing a tile name via smartly has no impact on HE device names or rules, it's just a 'skin'.

Check out the wiki page. It has a ton if info as well as all my videos walk throughs. Here is the tile title one.

In full disclaimer I grabbed @joehuntley (a fellow team member) dash pic for the post above. Those Windows and such are done using @Cobra's Super Tile app. I have just begun to use it and have nothing that nice yet.

The 7-day forecast, local traffic, and radar loop shown below are all just image tiles. The images come from various websites, and update every 1440 seconds (set in tile options). I have posted the ones I use below for review, however you will likely need to find similar ones in your area.




Feel free to also post over on the smartly release page. We have a lot of great team members that have done tons of work to their DB's. With Covid19 I recently have lots of "screen time" spent here to post, but the team members are the real brains behind some of the best DB ideas. If you need any help someone will happily assist, and share some tips/tricks.

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