Setting my expectations for the dashboard

I’m a recent concert from Wink2 which I had for years, very excited to get started customizing and setting things up.

I’ve started to read a lot about dashboard customization but I wanted to make sure I properly set my expectations. I’m a developer and have a pretty high working knowledge of css, so I guess I’m just wondering if I should eventually be able to get this to look exactly how I want.

I’ve seen some simple but more fisher price style dashboards and then some really slick professional looking ones, mostly from HA dashboards. Is it possible to achieve something similar to those HA dashboards (found my doing a google image search)

You might find this thread entertaining:

Hubitat Dashboard does provide you with a way to specify custom CSS. Some people use this to tweak things they don't like or add customizations that they do like. I rarely use dashboards in the first place and am OK with the defaults for pretty much everything, but there are some threads where you can find neat things people have done with this or other customization you can do:

But I'm not sure what exact Home Assistant dashboard features you're looking to replicate. If you like them that much, you might have an easier time just exposing your Hubitat devices to Home Assistant via a community integration--then you can use the real thing. :slight_smile: But you can do a lot with the built-in options if you know how, too.

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Thank you I’ll look through those threads. I haven’t dug in enough yet to know exactly what I’m trying to do, and I guess I’m not looking at specific types of features but just the cleaner look and feel with background images, opacity, tile images, etc. I think I’m talking more styling than actual features. I’m a little OCD about design stuff, unfortunately I can’t turn off that part of my brain.

I came from ActionTiles (ST) as a beta tester for years.
The Dashboard is sad compared to that but the basics are there. It took me a while get things mildly resembling what I had as the funtionality and features aren't there but the bones are good enough.

You can really achieve whatever look you want if you go the custom route, but it takes some effort of course to build. This means using MakerAPI and the eventsocket to drive directions to/from HE from any front end UI you want. I've built custom dashboards using html/javascript/css which I host on a Pi. They work great. You will be able to find various posts explaining how to do this on the forum.

If you specifically want to use the Lovelace dashboarding capability in HA then that's also possible by using the community integration between HE and HA as noted above.