Dashboard - Some things you should know

With so many new users diving in, I thought it might be a good idea to bring up some known issues with the dashboards. Also to include the documentation.

In the documentation it explains that there is a button in the settings when creating a dash "use all of my devices"
Yah, don't do that. I'll save you the trouble of searching for hours for an issue you can't explain and just throw it out there. Choose specifically which buttons you will use for a dash. Choose modestly. If you put all of your buttons on a single dash, you'll spend a week trying to find the button you're looking for anyway. Just trust me. Unless you've only got 16 devices or something. So I'm just saying, be smart about it. HE actually recommended NOT turning that switch on.

here is a link to active dashboards. You'll find some very cool stuff in there. Brag worthy stuff. Some things in there will definitely make you want to browse through. But, on the same token, don't get frustrated becuase you're not getting something that cool created. Take your time and remember that people will help if you only ask.

An afterthought, of sorts:
The dashboards offer two links. Local and cloud. If you're on your home network, please make sure you're choosing the local link. You could experience some latency if you're using the cloud link from home.
Also, using the cloud dashboard from home, there are additional processes that will send more requests to refresh from your hub. Leaving that on for any length of time can actually cause slow down issues and lock-ups. Using the local from home communicates just like your local ide interface, which is much more resource friendly for many different reasons. I'd explain, but I'd need an easel and colorful markers.


Good job April, I was thinking of doing a couple of these myself. Lots of questions about MyQ and a couple other things too.


I agree. FB group is very busy as well.
Really highlights the lack of a basic startup guide.

I never did, or ever will read the startup guide. Besides, this is really just a refresh to the fyi's that are out there. There are tons of great posts that get buried. Some better than others.

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how do you know if your mobile device is looking at local or cloud dashboard.

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Is there an iFrame tile available for Dashboard? I see some mentions of it, but no links to such a thing.

Take a look at Smartly

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I'm not aware of any native support, but I used a tile master device driver and a RM rule to embed an iframe. I can find the post I did about it if you need more detail.

Found it...

When you open the dashboard on your mobile, at the top of the screen to the right you will see some icons.
If it shows a "house" you are local. If it's a "cloud" you accessing your dashboard via the cloud.
It should switch to local if available but will drop back to cloud if not.
You can also change it manually by clicking on the icon.


thank you.