[BETA RELEASE] New Hubitat Mobile App available in TestFlight for iOS - version 2.0.0

A new version of the Hubitat Mobile app for iOS is now available to install from the TestFlight.

To join the Hubitat Elevation beta, open the following link on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac after you install TestFlight app:


  • the new app requires hub running version 2.3.8 or later. For more details on the platform release, please check out this section: Release Notes - Hubitat
  • for known issues with the beta app, please check out [this thread]
  • as with any beta release, your experience may be different than that of the final and public version of the app.

FWIW, I'm still seeing 1.3.2 as the latest available in TestFlight.

You need to click on the « Join the Hubitat Elevation Beta » link above to get version 2.0.0.

Love the new app!

Found a few bugs, but that is expected with a new release… :blush: I’ve reported them through the app… and will stop now for a bit… :wink:


There are two different apps. Be sure to follow the above link to sign up for the new app.


Ah, my bad. Thanks Bobby.