[iOS Mobile App Beta 2.0.0] What’s new in build 243

See this post for the initial release: [BETA RELEASE] New Hubitat Mobile App available in TestFlight for iOS - version 2.0.0

  • Fixes for HSM options
  • Added support for High resolution devices (avoid blurry graphics)
  • Fix for Home without HSM installed
  • Fix on Registered Hubs
  • Multiple crashes reported on Open Beta fixed

Check this post for Known Issues: [iOS Mobile App Beta 2.0.0] Known issues in build 243


2.0.0 (243) Looks like a winner
Have been unable to crash it on iPad Pro 10.5 inch and iPhone SE, both n 17.4.1.

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Mine still crashes regularly even when not in the app, just running in the background. This might have something to do that I'm not connecting to a device on the hub, at least there is no communication between the device that was first selected and the beta app like geofencing and notifications.

Also I have noticed that if the hub is down, off or rebooting, the app will crash (probably because the app can't find the hub).

Just started playing with the Beta and the first thing I noticed. If I open a dashboard it never closes unless I exit the app and swipe it off. In other words I can't select a different dashboard.

Tapping on the top left Hubitat symbol doesn’t take you back to the dashboard selection page?

No it doesn't. I can click on any of the bottom links, Home, Devices, etc. and it goes there. But once I click on Dashboards again the same dashboard is still open.

That is strange, the symbol on the dashboard page is just a link afaik, on the dashboard page itself. It can be disabled in each dashboard’s settings (if you don’t want some users to be able to access other dashboards, for example).

Still works fine for me running the newest build of the iOS beta app.

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It is disabled in the settings. So that accounts for the logo not working. But in the old app If I selected any of the options at the bottom, Home, Devices, Etc. Or even the Dashboards at the bottom then it closed the current dashboard and allowed me to open another one.

I keep the logo disabled as when a dashboard is accessed directly, not thru the app, by anyone else I don't want them to go to another one. Or I assume that is how it works.

EDIT: Just tested that. If I go to a dashboard using a browser link if the logo is enabled then you can go to any of the dashboards. That's ok for me, but when I give the link for someone else to use that is the only dashboard I want them to access. Thus the need to disable. But as I said in the old app I could click on dashboards and it would close the current one and bring up the list.

Yup this why its a public beta, to find all these edge cases. I would say you found a bug (or oversight).