[RELEASE] RGBGenie Z-Wave Device Drivers (all)

LED Controllers

All RGBgenie Z-Wave Plus LED controllers work through the Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy driver
The LED controller driver allows you to change the type of device so you are not limited by the original model purchase. You can adjust between CCT, Single Color, and RGBW models, and it will change the device's functionality at a firmware level.

RGBW Models:
You can optionally enable / disable the WarmWhite component so if you are using RGB only LED strips you won't get signals sent to the WarmWhite output mistakenly.
When using just RGB LEDs color temperature is simulated using just RGB color elemets. Between 2700K to 6500K
When using RGBW LEDs, to get the best color temperature result, you can set the kelvin temperature of the white LED element, to match the specs of your LED strips, and the color temperature range will adjust to the capabilities of your LED strip. The Cold White color temperatures are created using the RGB elements.


  • Color Temperature Control
  • RGB Color Control
  • Dimmer Controls
  • Light Effects
  • Ability to change the device type at the firmware level swap between CT/RGBW/Single Color
  • Color temperature control on CCT & RGBW models even using RGB only LED strips

Touch Panels

A child driver can be loaded for each zone on the multi zone models, the Scene only models are a single Zone by default.
This child driver can be used with the Hubitat built-in mirror me application to syncronize the output of the touch panel to groups of devices that do not support Z-wave associations. For example, Zigbee or Wifi devices.
Optionally the child drivers can utilize the Scene buttons as button controllers or scene capture / activate. With the button controller functionality on a 3 scene / 3 zone touch panel you would end up with 9 buttons that can be pushed or held to have actions mapped to any functionality in hubitat.

All touch panels support up to 12 associations directly per zone. These can be utilized in any combination per zone, including multiple occurrences across each zone in the multi-zone units. Child devices occupy 1 of the 12 available associations per zone when activated..


  • Scene capture / activate
  • Button controller
  • Multiple Child devices on the multi-zone capable models
  • Combinations of z-wave direct association and hub control
  • Ability to control any number of devices through the hub's mirror app Z-wave, Zigbee, Wifi, etc
  • Configurable between scene activation / scene capture and button control features
  • Insane amount of possible configurations and uses

Device / Driver List

Model Description Driver(s)
ZV-1008 RGBW LED Controller with built-in power supply Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy
ZW-1000 CCT LED Controller Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy
ZW-1001 Single Color LED Controller Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy
ZW-1002 RGBW LED Controller Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy
ZW-3001 3 Zone / 3 Scene Single Color Touch Panel White Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-3002 3 Scene Color Touch Panel White Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-3003 3 Scene Color Touch Panel Black Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-3004 3 Zone Color Touch Panel White Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-3005 3 Zone Color Touch Panel Black Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-3011 3 Zone / 3 Scene CCT Color Touch Panel White Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy
ZW-4001 Micro Controller and Lamp Module Zwave-Micro-Controller.groovy


This has been tested over and over again in every combination.. But if you find any bugs or have suggestions please report it back to this thread.

Tagging @adamkempenich who contributed to the LED Controller Driver
Tagging @Gnant who tirelessly tested the code in constantly changing configurations over serveral days.
and Tagging @mike.maxwell for his efforts on all the zigbee drivers and Mirror app that gives the touch panels the ability to sync to any combination of lighting devices across protocols.



  • Added importUrl to all drivers
  • Added optional gamma correction to LED Controller Driver

Updated 2020-03-11

  • Improvements in color reporting reliability

Updated 2020-04-08

  • Major coding style improvements
  • Removal of custom child driver in favor of built-in component drivers
  • Future proofing

Updated 2020-04-11

  • Added duplicate event filtering
  • Fixed typo in micro controller preferences

Updated 2020-04-30

  • Updated CCT Range

Updated 2020-05-10

  • Fix for touch panel preference bug

Updated 2020-05-11

  • Re-structure of child IDs for touch panels

When updating to this version please click save on device preferences.


Awesome work here, Bryan! Thanks for all of your hard work on this. It’s a super solid driver, and I’m excited to see the next steps for it :cowboy_hat_face:


Nicely done! Get that man a Canebrake.


It was crazy fun to work on this project.. It's hard to put into words all the insane capabilities of the hardware / software combination .. It's some really solid devices that just needed the right software to tap into it.. Using the multi-channel association capabilities built into these touch panels means you can control an insane amount of devices across any protocol from a single touch panel..


More of an Andygator fan myself.


Alright. We got to get you down here and take a drive to Abita Springs.


Really cool feature is you can flip the device type on the LED controllers... So if you buy an RGBW model and later decide you want a CCT model you can flip the setting in the driver and it changes the device type at the firmware level..


This man's been working so hard, he needs a laugh. So here you go:


So on the multi-zone touch panels the parent / child combination gives you 3 devices that can be mirrored while simultaneously being directly associated to other z-wave devices.. But with the mirror app built into hubitat you can use the 3 children to control any kinds of devices not limited to z-wave.. and it is surprisingly fast.. Will a well maintained hub and mesh it's almost instantaneous.


Amazing work! Really impressed! :clap::raised_hands:

Will there also be a driver for the Micro Controller and Lamp Module – Single Channel Trailing Edge Dimmer (Zigbee) ZB-4002 from RGBGenie? Or maybe that works with a Built in generic driver already?
Sorry if I have missed it, if it does, and the question then turns stupid... :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I think all RGBGenie devices are already supported on Zigbee.. I could be mistaken ..

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Nice job! That's a chunk of work, and those devices are trickier than most standard zwave devices to write drivers for.

Kudos! :+1:


If I bothered to check the official supported device list first, I would have found this list! So, no, You are not mistaken! :slight_smile: :crazy_face::zipper_mouth_face:


All these devices that RGBGenie has are rock solid and feature packed... I can’t recommend them enough..

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But it was so much fun


I can't thank @bcopeland enough for all his hard work on the Z-wave devices. He was pushing revisions faster than I could update my drivers and test them. The wife will be glad to have her kitchen back and not have LED tape laying everywhere.

It was a fun weekend watching these items come alive on Hubitat. The community here is truly the best I have ever seen.

Wish to also give @adamkempenich a shout-out for his contributions as well on the LED controllers.

I am super excited at the functionality these drivers offer and when devices work as good as these, it makes home automation fun.


I wanted to show everyone how fast this responds.. This is one of the touch panel’s relaying through the hub to the mirror app then controlling 3 overhead z-wave bulbs


Color temperature fade with no white led... This is just RGB LEDs

This is a color temperature algorithm run through a gamma correction algorithm to fully simulate CT with Red Green and Blue LEDs


Light Effects!


Color Temperature LED Strip 2 elements warmwhite and coldwhite transition..


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