Installed lumi zwave device

Installed several lumi zwave device (Lumi - Smart Home Solutions)
The device was detected but I can't find the appropriate device.
When I try setting zwave generic button - it looks like doesn't working well.
In addition I can';t tell it how many buttons I have in the device.

Lumi devices aren't on the list of compatible devices.

If you can't find a community driver here on the forum and one of the Generic drivers doesn't work then there's not much that can be done. But since it's z-wave, you should be able to use one of the Generic Drivers.

Tell Lumi if they send me the devices I will write drivers for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Won’t work in your region @codahq

Not only would the frequency be wrong but they run on 220V. I was mostly being a sea fish. Or facetious. I didn't think @9999341 would be in any position to have them send me devices either.

That being said these look suspiciously familiar to some of the aliexpress Z-Wave devices that do have US and 110V counterparts. And some of may even have drivers that could work with these.

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Everything is made in china :crazy_face:

I got the spec,
How can I use this spec to generate driver?

I don't know that you can. I believe that Hubitat only support Z-wave Central Scene button devices which it appears that this device doesn't support. This switch uses group associations to send commands directly to other z-wave devices without a central controller.

The seller told me that someone did connect it to HomeAssistant, and I know it can be connected to Fibaro Home Center 2, so I believe it can be connected to HE as well.

Why would you assume that because you can connect it to HA or a Fibaro controller that you can connect it to HE? I don't understand the logic there. Did the seller tell you what driver you should use for HE?

Yep.. it will work.. I did a similar driver.. it supports multichannel encap and multichannel association

But you will have to write a driver for it..

@bcopeland, May you please publish/send you driver?
I believe that based on it and with some guidelines I might manage (Even though I don't know groovy yet)

It’s the touch panel driver and child

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