DIY project - looking for recommendations

Hi all,

First time home owner here, with not much experience doing projects on my own but I am learning. I have an idea for a new project I would like to do, and I was just looking for some recommendations on what items to use.

I have a deck outside and I think it would be super cool to install lighting on the underside of the deck railings. I would need approximately 32 feet of LED strip lights (let's say 36 feet just to be safe), cut into five different sections (3 feet, 5 feet, 9.5 feet, 11 feet, and 3.5 feet). I have one standard outlet outside on the deck that can provide power. My requirements are:

  • I would like the lights to be controllable by my Hubitat
  • I would like the strip lights to be RGBW (tunable white if possible), and they should not exceed 0.5 inches in width
  • the strip lights must be rated for outdoors, obviously

What kind of lights would you recommend (need approximately 36 feet)? Power supply? Controller for the Hubitat? Jumpers to connect the strips together? Is 36 feet too long to power the strips all daisy chained together from one source? Would I need to run another source for power and connect that further down the line of the strip lights?

So many questions, but I think this would look really cool if I go ahead with it. Thanks!

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You need to check out z-wave RGBGenie and my driver.. You will never get tunable white on RGBW strips otherwise.. You would need RGB+WW to get tunable and there isn’t much of that (controller or strip wise) on the market..

But my driver accomplishes this via math using just rgb color components..

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