Monoprice RGBW Controller

Monoprice has a new Z-Wave device out, looks interesting. Will it work with HE out of the box?

I wish it was $10 cheaper!

Yeah the prices in their z-wave devices aren't that compelling anymore.

Will this device work with Hubitat?

Did you ever try one of these with Hubitat?

I'm not sure how much it cost back then, but today it's :

$34.00 $47.24 On Sale 28.03% OFF

You save $13.24

Also, back to some earlier questions - will this work with a generic driver? Is there a custom one? Has anybody tried to test it yet?

I don't know. But if you need a z-wave controller for RGBW LED strips, I know the RGBgenie devices work (like the ZW-1002) and that @bcopeland has written/released drivers for all of them:


Thanks. I see that the ZW-1002 goes for $59 on Amazon. If feasible, the Monoprice item might be a good $34 option for some people.

Note: I don't actually need either one at this point. Just looking into future options. :slight_smile:

I recommend the rgbgenie :wink:.. I’ve always been a believer in you get what you pay for.. Plus the rgbgenie is an extremely capable and versatile device.. Not to mention they are active in this community @Gnant



So do I (as a company). I've bought a few zigbee devices from them that worked with no issue (@mike.maxwell Hubitat drivers). And @Gnant is super helpful.


How much are your drivers? :wink:


Just as an FYI to everyone. The code Hubitat will save you 15% on our website. We have that set up as a permanent discount. We would rather you have the saving instead of paying Amazon. And as always, shipping is free.



Drivers are free.. But that was funny


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