Osram RGBW Flex LED Strip not reaching full brightness

I've been using the Osram LED strip I bought for a few weeks and was quite happy with how well it lit my kitchen up. Both, my Hubitat C7 and Hue hub arrived last week and I have slowly been setting everything up. I connected the Osram LED switch to the C7 and noticed that the brightness dropped instantly. Even when the strip is set to 100% brightness with hubitat, it isn't nearly as bright as it was before I connected it. I thought I might have set something up wrong, so I removed it from hubitat, did a factory reset on the strip and connected it othe the Hue hub - exact same thing. Every time it's connected to a hub, the brightness drops.

How can I troubleshoot this?

Tagging @Ken_Fraleigh, my favorite Lightify guru. :slight_smile:

Just a quick update: I removed the strip and re-added it to Hubitat (it's impossible to add it to Hue for some reason now - no amount of resetting gets the hue bridge to discover it despite resetting the hue bridge).

I've figured that as long as I don't change ANY light parameters at all, the strip stays at full brightness. If I play with literally anything other than on/off, the brightness drops and I can'tget it back up to full (regardless of whether I use Hubitat or even that one time when I managed to pair it with Hue). The only way to get the brightness back to full is to remove it from Hubitat, factory reset the strip, and then reconnect it to Hubitat (and of course not touch any of the other settings after).

Interesting, when you first connect it to Hubitat and it's at full brightness, what values is it reporting?
And what values does it report when dim?

I suppose it's possible the device has some initial brightness thats a special intensity case to distinguish it from others until it's sent normal commands, but I've never seen anything like this before.

Extremely new to all of this - where can I check?

Look at the device page for the strip.

Values are on the right side of the page.

I just played around with it a little more.

Here's the entire page as soon as I add the device and when it's at full brightness:

If I ONLY change the level between 0 and 100, it seems to be okay with the brightness. However, if I touch any of the colour settings, then I cannot get the strip to go back to full brightness when I set the level to 100.

I noticed that changing any of the colour settings adds a few more details to the current state:

On a very slightly related note - how do I get the strip to fade on and off when I press a button? It currently "snaps" from on to off or off to on. Changing the transition time does not seem to work.

You should be able to re-create your initial values in the Set Color settings:


The strip can do RGB (via Set Color) and CT (Set Color Temperature) settings, I would think the initial values should be re-creatable via the RGB settings, if you've made changes. Your changes above are using CT - your CT is 3003. Normal incandescent would be about 2700 CT. As you go increase the CT value you get colder ("whiter") whites that will appear brighter than the warmer/lower CT values.

As an aside, there is an important FW update for these LED strips that is recommened to get for reliable use. You need to get the Osram/Sylvania hub (only about $15) to update them. The hub service is going offline, I think early next year, so the time-frame to update may be pretty short.


I read about that, yeah. I guess it probably just makes more sense to sell this strip off and get a different, more compatible one. It's not worth the hassle of getting a gateway to update ONE light strip. I don't have any other Osram products and I don't plan to buy any since they're shutting their platform down.

I'll look around for a different LED strip.

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One of the HE staff members has written drivers to work w/a number of different light strips. Might be interesting to you:

You have a different strip. I am assuming from what is listed on your driver page that your strip was manufactured some time ago by Osram, not Ledvance, (Osram hasn’t been making the consumer zigbee products for a few years) thus there isn’t a firmware update to fix issues. This is also why the light “snaps” on and off; Osram firmware and controller. Sell it.

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