[RELEASE] RGBGenie Z-Wave Device Drivers (all)

I mostly just sent cowboy emojis (:cowboy_hat_face:)and some minor changes — @bcopeland is the real MVP here! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Just installed an RGBGenie controller in our office, coincidentally. Working super well.


The possibilities for hidden indirect lighting are great... I have so many ideas about what to use them for.. But it hasn't left my development test bench yet...


My kitchen cabinets are next... Will be good use of the CCT strips I bought for testing.


We are in the process of a re-model / fix up on our house .. After going through all this .. I'm thinking of some more un-conventional lighting now .. Lots of indirect lighting.. And in the areas that I can't get around direct lighting, they make some plastic defusing channels you can put these led strips in that makes it so you can't see the individual led spots

Get the 4 in 1 chipped strips. That'll help the dot effect.

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Yea.. but check this out:

Almost seamless

Perfect for using led strips in a direct lighting situation

You could really get creative with this stuff:

And RGBGenie has repeaters to extend the distance you can go with the strips.. They even have waterproof one for outdoors:

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I am going to check out that spotless series. Good find.


Update 2020-02-26

  • Added importUrl to all drivers
  • Added optional gamma correction to LED Controller Driver

Will this work with any Z-Wave RGBW LED bulb? I have been using Hank bulbs, but they can be finicky. I don't know if it is the driver and the latest HE update combo or just the bulbs. My Rules trigger, but the bulbs don't react anymore. I can manually change them. I'd like to try a non-built in driver for testing.

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It can work with most via direct association. But some may have command class compatibility issues..But you can run it through the hub’s mirror app and use it with any bulb, even zigbee / wifi ones

I misunderstood your original question.. This driver will not work in place of your driver for that device... Somethings might work .. But results would be extremely unreliable

Updated 2020-03-11 Improvements in color reporting reliability

I just got the ZB-1025 controller, what driver do I use as I do not see it listed under HE. do i need to manually install it?

Same with the remote Zigbee version.

Is the Z-wave the only one supported? and if zigbee is supported, does it also have all the cool features the zwave has?

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These are the z-wave drivers.. The zigbee ones have built-in drivers.. It should detect the correct driver when you pair it

I can’t attest to the coolness of the zigbee drivers as I don’t have any of the zigbee versions.. :crazy_face:

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there are only generic drivers for them. zb-1025 so they are very basic then. look like I will be returning these also. :frowning:

Thought we finally had awesome drivers, but i guess only for the zwavee version.

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Check here.. Because it looks like most are listed with specific zigbee drivers not generic ones..

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But again.. I don’t own any of the zigbee versions so I can’t really comment on this intelligently .. But @gnant would know more..

I found the thread.. Looks like I was trying to nudge you towards the z-wave models..

ya but they did not offer a remote for zwave version, I figured the zwave vs zigbeen would have the same functionality but i was wrong, and the doc you linked to show i should use the dimmer driver and that does not give any control over rgb, so that doc is worthless as it does not point to a correct driver.

Guess i am back to the drawing board to find a solution for my needs. :frowning:

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