RGB Genie Device Association

I’m looking for help associating my RGB Genie ZW-3002 touch panel to control more than one ZV-1008 controller. I recognize the the touch panel is a secondary controller and will need Master controller. The ZW-3002 documentation talks about associating devices in step 8, but I’m not sure how to implement that. Has anyone successfully associated these two devices before?

I have their ZB-5008 and to get it to work with my OSRAM RGBW strip I ended up using the Mirror App and it works great. Maybe that will work for you here? Easy to try.

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If that doesn't work email RGBGenie they are lighting fast on replying to support questions.

Is that the intended way for the two to work together in Hubitat, using the mirror app?

It worked for RGBGenie. Too new to the platform to speak to other applications.

Part of the problem is that I did not have the “RGBGenie Touch Panel ZW” driver installed. The other problem is that I didn’t realize the “Mirror” app was a built-in app.

Me either. Sorry I should have mentioned it was built in.

Looks like I don’t need the “Mirror” app when using RGBGenie controllers. I just needed to add the controller device IDs to the association preference on the touch panel device.

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Where is this? I don't see it in the device setting for either the wall panel or the controller.

Mirror is a built in app that needs to be user installed. PM me if you need help setting it up.


I found this setting in the user created driver. If you use the one built into hubitat it does not work. It works flawlessly with the community driver [RELEASE] RGBGenie Z-Wave Device Drivers (all) - Code Share - Hubitat

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