[PROJECT] [RELEASED] Zemismart M1 - Matter Bridge for Tuya Zigbee devices [MATTER]

Zemismart M1 is primarily a Zigbee hub that exposes Tuya Zigbee child devices to any Matter platform – Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant, Homey, etc..

Now, Tuya Matter Bridges can also be used with Hubitat :

Amazon .com : (link)
Amazon .ca:(link)

Zemismart .com : (link)
AliExpress : (link)

AliExpress .us : (MOES branded)
AliExpress .us: ($28.17)

Although this project is focused on Zemismart M1 Matter Bridge (because of the Tuya Zigbee devices specific support), the same driver should be working with any other hub that provides Matter Gateway functionality - such as:

  • Aqara E1, M2, M3, G3
  • Philips Hue,
  • SwitchBot Hub2


Work in progress...

2023-12-29 The Tuya Zigbee devices paired to the Zemismart M1 Matter bridge are showing up! :+1:



Unfortunately, some seemingly important data is missing in the Zemismart Matter Bridge, when compared to Philips Hue
2023-12-31 :

Aqara E1 Bridge - exposing the problematic to pair directly to Hubitat WSDCGQ12LM Temp/Humidity Sensor T1

01/07/2024 : The Tuya Fingerbot and the XENON problematic-to-pair-to-HE power strip are now fully controllable via Zemismart Matter Bridge! :champagne:

01/09/2024 : creating the Child devices (on my Hue bridge) :

01/14/2024 : Zemismart Motors / Shades support :

01/19/2024 : The discovery of the bridged devices became overcomplicated .. :frowning:
This is how the State Variables section looks at the moment :

01/27/2024 version 0.0.6 implements automatic discovery of all bridged devices (a limited number device types are supported yet...) :

01/29/2024 version 0.0.7 - discovering new device types (Aqara)

02/12/2024 version 0.2.6 - Aqara LED Strrip T1 support almost ready ...

02/20/2024 version 0.4.1 - the connection to the Zemismart Bridge seems to be stable.

03/03/2024 version 0.4.5 - battery / power cluster decoding :

03/03/2024 - working on the documentation :

03/10/2024 - last item from the MVP list : the links to the community page inside the driver web page :

03/15/2024 - preparing the release :

Nice. I was looking for edge routers. This could potentially solve some tuya product driver issues. Now, hopefully this can work locally after setting it up. I ordered one. Lets see how it goes.

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I have successfully bridged 3 Tuya Zigbee devices to Apple Home (HomePod mini).

I tested only 3 devices for now - one combined motion and scene switch , Zemismart curtain robot, and the very problematic UK plug TS011F _TZ3000_okaz9tjs that does not like the C-8 radio and will not pair to Hubitat.

The Tuya devices are operational in Apple Home, but there are still a lot of problems and bugs to be fixed. The plug appeared as a 5 gangs switch (only one switch is working, of course), with no power and energy monitoring, the blinds motor can be seen stuck on 'closing/opening' on Apple Home, etc.

I had no luck pairing the Zemismart M1 Matter bridge to Home Assistant and to SmartThings (V3).
But this is just the beginning, hopefully, all the bugs and other issues will be fixed in the future.

No idea how long it will take to get the device, but I'll give it a whirl with the MMwave sensors I have and perhaps join the Hubitat beta to see if the Matter matters.

Only individual Matter devices are currently supported on the HE beta. They did say bridge support is being developed but not ready yet. I think the full bridge support would allow you to pair this Zemismart bridge directly to HE and import all the devices from it (similar to integrating a Hue bridge).


That was my take also. Only a matter of time...

Here is how it works with the Linptech (MOES) mmWave radar :

The presence sensor paired to Zemismart M1 hub w/ full configuration options available in Tuya Smart Life app :

Zemismart M1 Matter paring code :


Apple Home as a Matter Controller:

Two simple automations in Apple Home:

and the virtual switch w/ presence in Hubitat linked to Apple Home via HE inbuilt HomeKit integration is following the occupancy state of the Linptech radar paired to the Zemismart M1 hub:


After some time - the Apple Home Matter controller in the middle will not be needed anymore!


Nice. The promise is there. If we can corral the Tuya devices onto a Tuya Matter hub and then bridge it successfully with all the granular data being pulled into HE then things could be really simple! Crossing my fingers that can be possible some day.


Hi. I hope someone here can help me. I just got the zemismart M1 hub and I can't pair it with my smartphone. I've tried it with both the tuya and the smart life's app. With the qr code and the automatical way, but it never shows. It's connected with rj25 cable to my router. I've reset the hub, turn of and on the router... nothing.

My device arrived after seemingly circumnavigating the globe. I don't have everything needed to make it work end to end yet, but I'm getting there.

I've been playing with a Qolsys alarm panel and now I'm hoping they will some day add the Matter support.

Had the same problem with my Matter enabled Lorex DVR and Google Home. Spent a total of near 4 hours on the phone with Google & Lorex, they're mostly clueless, but polite.
Matter is supposed to allow control of the lights & siren via Google home

Hi @tanialimacosta ,
Can you check whether your smartphone is using the 2.4Ghz LAN when discovering this device?

You may need to put the Zemismart Bridge into pairing mode at the Smart Life mobile app discovery/pairing time - hold the reset button for 5 or more seconds.

The project progress is now shown in the second post.


Anyone with a Zemismart M1 Matter bridge (or another brand Tuya-Matter-Gateway) and some spare Tuya Zigbee gadgets and is willing to participate in the very early alpha tests of the custom Matter Bridge driver - please send me a DM.


I have one holding down papers. Willing to help. Sent.

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Just found a this no-name Tuya Matter Gateway on AliExpress at a price that is nearly half the Zemismart :



I think it is the same Zemismart GW, but from another no-name manufacturer.

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Nice, either way this could be huge for device compatibility.

@kkossev have you seen anything that would work for Tuya Wifi devices to convert them to Matter?

No, seems that the hub exposes only the Zigbee devices to Matter.

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Some useful technical information for the developers :