LIFX Local Control


See this thread: Lifx Local Control?

It's possible!

Notes here:

Thoughts on getting this into Hubitat?

Edit: See rob's git here:

*** It's necessary to give your LIFX bulbs a static IP address for this to work.

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If you have a pi it would be fairly simple to do with telnet and something like this I think


Now this one I haven't seen before. It's still a man-in-the-middle solution but at least has a documented API. When I have some extra time I'll set this up on my Rpi and see how it performs.


At least that middleman is local. :grin:


I too would like to see this added. LIFX makes fantastic bulbs. They fit well with the Hubitat model of local control too — should such support be added to HE in the near future.

In the interim, @stephack @cwwilson08 — if either of you build an app/driver to support the lifxlan post above I would be a willing beta tester :wink:


Lifx support out of the box

Beyond my skillset unfortunately, but I believe someone else may be working on this.
@rob, any progress on this?


Not really had much of a chance to work on it yet - perhaps over Christmas. It would be so much easier if we could create our own classes, then I could work the way I normally do with test-driven development, especially for building the packets. I might do that locally to get the code working and tested then transfer it across to Hubitat.


That would be fantastic. Thanks for working on this.


Following... I have been hopping between a ton of solutions to try to get this to work. Currently Flic or a raspberry pi seem like my best options, but I don't like either. I would be willing to support this kick-starter fashion. This feature alone would get me to migrate to hubitat.


I'm making some progress, a bit at a time. Started on parsing the responses from LIFX bulbs today, it mostly seems to be going well, just a bit more slowly than I'd like.

If only real life didn't keep intruding.


Status update:

Still a long way to go, but I can now discover devices although there's currently a bit of a manual step involved. As of about 30 minutes ago I can turn them on and off.


Well done @rob. Just saw this and now following with interest


Me too. I am very interested in this. I hate relying on the cloud. Local would be nice.


I was able to get this working on OpenHab, but most things in OpenHab are a pretty big lift and anything interesting often involves text editing and manual config. Thanks for giving this a go!


Just ordered a Hubitat hub for a studio with lots of LIFX bulbs. Looking fwd to trying Rob's code. Fascinating to see things developing in the community like this.


It's getting close to being right, still one or two things that need to be worked on a bit more.

Latest version works pretty well with all bulb type devices, no support yet for Tile, Beam or Z Strip, but they will come with time (Tile may take a while as it's quite complex).


Great experience. I really like the discovery approach. The app found all but one of our bulbs on the first scan sequence and the remaining bulb turned up with a tap on "Discover only new devices".

We are about to add ~30 LIFX bulbs to our network, so the timing is perfect. (We also have the LIFX LED strip and a Tile; looking forward to support of those too.)

Thank you.


Where have you used this - has this been released? @rob


Rob has a repo. Code last updated yesterday. It is beta though (but doing really well)

Also check out the other thread Lifx support out of the box