LIFX Local Control

See this thread: Lifx Local Control?

It's possible!

Notes here:

Thoughts on getting this into Hubitat?

Edit: See rob's git here:

*** It's necessary to give your LIFX bulbs a static IP address for this to work.



If you have a pi it would be fairly simple to do with telnet and something like this I think


Now this one I haven't seen before. It's still a man-in-the-middle solution but at least has a documented API. When I have some extra time I'll set this up on my Rpi and see how it performs.


At least that middleman is local. :grin:


I too would like to see this added. LIFX makes fantastic bulbs. They fit well with the Hubitat model of local control too — should such support be added to HE in the near future.

In the interim, @stephack @cwwilson08 — if either of you build an app/driver to support the lifxlan post above I would be a willing beta tester :wink:


Beyond my skillset unfortunately, but I believe someone else may be working on this.
@rob, any progress on this?

Not really had much of a chance to work on it yet - perhaps over Christmas. It would be so much easier if we could create our own classes, then I could work the way I normally do with test-driven development, especially for building the packets. I might do that locally to get the code working and tested then transfer it across to Hubitat.


That would be fantastic. Thanks for working on this.

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Following... I have been hopping between a ton of solutions to try to get this to work. Currently Flic or a raspberry pi seem like my best options, but I don't like either. I would be willing to support this kick-starter fashion. This feature alone would get me to migrate to hubitat.

I'm making some progress, a bit at a time. Started on parsing the responses from LIFX bulbs today, it mostly seems to be going well, just a bit more slowly than I'd like.

If only real life didn't keep intruding.


Status update:

Still a long way to go, but I can now discover devices although there's currently a bit of a manual step involved. As of about 30 minutes ago I can turn them on and off.


Well done @rob. Just saw this and now following with interest

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Me too. I am very interested in this. I hate relying on the cloud. Local would be nice.

I was able to get this working on OpenHab, but most things in OpenHab are a pretty big lift and anything interesting often involves text editing and manual config. Thanks for giving this a go!

Just ordered a Hubitat hub for a studio with lots of LIFX bulbs. Looking fwd to trying Rob's code. Fascinating to see things developing in the community like this.

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It's getting close to being right, still one or two things that need to be worked on a bit more.

Latest version works pretty well with all bulb type devices, no support yet for Tile, Beam or Z Strip, but they will come with time (Tile may take a while as it's quite complex).


Great experience. I really like the discovery approach. The app found all but one of our bulbs on the first scan sequence and the remaining bulb turned up with a tap on "Discover only new devices".

We are about to add ~30 LIFX bulbs to our network, so the timing is perfect. (We also have the LIFX LED strip and a Tile; looking forward to support of those too.)

Thank you.

Where have you used this - has this been released? @rob

Rob has a repo. Code last updated yesterday. It is beta though (but doing really well)

Also check out the other thread Lifx support out of the box