LIFX Built-in drivers - questions and discussion

With the introduction of built-in LIFX drivers in Hubitat release 2.3.0 - some questions have come to mind, which I felt were worthy of a separate thread, rather than piling on to the existing community app/driver thread

  1. I don't immediately see any visible difference between the Color and Strip drivers - is there any at this point? If not, I assume further Strip enhancements are in the pipeline, for multizone support?

  2. I see the LIFX Classes have been documented, but LIFX Methods page is empty - documentation to be filled in soon? Developer Documentation - Hubitat Documentation

lifx strips work only after you change auto selected driver from color to strip. other than that the rest seem fine! :slight_smile:

Maybe I'm missing something - haven't taken the leap to install the built-in app and discover my bulbs/strips using the built-in drivers. But I added a manual/virtual device, to poke around the exposed capabilities/commands... And I don't see anything in the device page when using the LIFX Strip driver that is multizone-specific... E.g. it looks just like a basic Color bulb

The biggest difference is the multi-zone color support.. It will create a component child for each color zone that the strip supports..

I should note the original z-tv strip hasn’t been tested and I don’t think will work properly for zones as this driver was written for extended color zones..

Just not finished yet.. More to come.. I also posted a sample driver in the community.

This will be in child devices once the number of color zones is read from the strip.

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Thanks - this is the distinction that I don't see from the virtual device I created!

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that is really cool i saw that. it's so neat how it keeps it under the main device!!

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If you send any set commands (color, hue, CT, etc) from the parent device it changes the whole strip that color.. If you want to control individual color zones it’s through the child devices.. I went this route to make it easy to use scenes.

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Yep - I took a similar approach when adding individual zone control in Rob's drivers - we also had a (bulky) command on the parent device where you could set multiple zones in one command (but scenes makes sense for this use case)

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@bcopeland like @joel_dj mentioned in the other thread, my strips defaulted to the Color driver. Model is 32.

Ok.. Thanks for that.. Going to check my lookup tables and see why that happened..

Ditto Lifx Strip (model=32) defaulted to Color.

I also have 2 x Lifx Mini devices that are not discovered. Is there any way to debug? My other devices all detected fine including one other Lifx Mini (which is detected as Lifx CT).

The 2 missing devices work fine using the prior Hubitat Lifx integration and I also have them in Home Assistant and in the Lifx app.

Try rebooting the bulbs.. Torn on/off the power .. Wait a few seconds then click refresh on the discovery.. I have seen a bulb once and a while stop listening for discovery packets and this fixed them..

I gave that a go but no dice. The two missing devices are actually different models to all the others, shows up as "LIFX Mini C" in the LIFX app whereas the mini that does connect fine to the integration shows up as "LIFX Mini DD". The Mini C is the color mini (2 of these don't seem to detect), the Mini DD is the white only (this one detects fine).

Just starting with my test rig that has 3 color downlights and a switch. Discovered lights OK, but for the switch I get "Desk Switch (No driver installed for null). I assume I am missing something in my setup? The switch is configured with the first two buttons each controlling a downlight via the web.
This is a fresh install with the latest release.

Just about to buy some bulbs…. Quick question is there support for the ‘groups’ and ‘scenes’ that you set up in the LIFX app ? I’m assuming perhaps these are commands / memberships that the bulbs themselves learn to get an instantaneous response, rather than individually controlling each bulb ?

AFAICT, LiFX groups are only exposed to their cloud http API, and not the local API that the Hubitat integration uses.

That being said, I’ve seen no popcorning while controlling multiple LiFX bulbs together in a Hubitat group.

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As others have documented, the "clean" version of their bulb works great with the (built-in) LIFX Color driver. Is there a mechanism to turn on the clean mode via a color temperature selection, or is that ultimately something awaiting possible future development or a community driver? [That said, is the HEV mode even available via their LAN protocol?]

Groups is exposed via the LAN api.. We are not currently using them in the built-in drivers..