Lifx support out of the box



I'm thinking Hubitat doesn't have a local implementation because it's low on the priority list of things to do currently. From a technical stand point it's absolutely possible for them to do this.

From a user developed app stand point if we can't even get libraries for an MQTT client I highly doubt we will be able to access the network stack to create a UDP receiver.


I imagine you're correct. You've had conversations re: your GPS product...

I only have @patrick word on the topic:


I have no doubt it's possible to SEND packets. It's the setup of a listener that I don't see ever happening from our end.

Without a listener I see little value in being able to send a packet to a device as there's no way to get the response for processing. I guess there could be a use in a fire-forget scenario like syslog... oh we don't have that either.... :frowning:


I think that means: An App on the hub must initiate the UDP exchange. The "reply" will be seen in the parse method of that App. That might mean Lifx can be implemented locally.


Would love to see this too and I've expressed my support in the other thread.

Please please! This would be a great addition!


I heard that some test code has been created as proof-of-UDP. I heard that on/off of a Lifx bulb was successful. In other words, UDP as it exists in the Hub for several months at least, works for Lifx.


two thumbs up :+1::+1: :grin:


Unfortunately I still haven't had time to try making a driver, hopefully I will be able to make time soon.


I'm making progress with mine, currently works with on/off, hoping to get hue, saturation, brightness and temperature working this week. I'm not 100% happy with the architecture yet, currently I have a virtual device that does the discovery, all the bulbs etc are currently children of the discovery device. However, I'm leaning towards having an app to improve the discovery process, since holding on to state seems to be a bit of a nightmare, an app would allow me to use atomicState, so I don't need to create the devices prematurely.

I may be overthinking things though :slight_smile:


Hey @rob, how’s the driver coming along?


It's getting there, slowly - it's mostly a matter of finding time to work on it.

I have today off work, so I'll be trying to get more done on it.

First version will work with colour bulbs since that's mostly what I've got at the moment. I should probably get at least one Mini White and Mini Dawn to Dusk.

I think the Tile will be the trickiest one to work with, really not looking forward to that one.


@rob ouch, that must be hard when you haven got the item.
Peronsally I have a lot of the A19 bulbs and 1 A19+ (only got that one as it was cheaper than the A19 at the time; I don’t use the night ability on it). If you need someone else to help with your testing then I’m more than happy to help (I’m also working from home today if that helps at all)


Progress report

I now have the app and special discovery device working nicely and successfully scanning the network for devices - UDP is such a pain. Can still only turn devices on and off, but it's all coming together. Won't be the end of the month I don't suppose, but not too long now.

Ordered a Mini White and Mini Day & Dusk, which should arrive tomorrow.


Further progress - I've mostly got setting colour from a map, hue, saturation and level working. Some minor issues, most of which will be sorted by polling for the current values just prior to setting the new ones (LIFX doesn't let you set hue, saturation, brightness and/or colour temperature individually - you have to provide all 4 each time, which is a little irritating).

I also need to add regular polling to keep track of any settings that are changed outside of Hubitat.

After that it's waveform support and exposing some of the settings to the UI and LIFX Color support will be done. Then all I have to do is add drivers for the other types of device.

Still not sure when I'll be able to do this, but I think I may be hard at work this weekend. Who knows, there may even be a beta out soon!


Awesome! Can't wait to see the driver. I love Lifx but it's painful with the group driver.


@rob got a git repo I can check out? I haven't had time to look into it so I'd love to see how you are doing it.


Heading in to work soon, I'll probably make the repo public over the weekend


Hey @rob. Any luck popping a public report up?


It's been a bit of a strange day, did a lot of rework, and was getting very variable results when it came to discovering devices, even with 6 passes it was occasionally only finding maybe half of them - although I have added a new wireless device to my network today, perhaps that is the issue. It seems to have settled down now.

I'm still trying to make discovery more reliable. Currently it deletes all devices when discovering, I may make another button that only looks for new devices tomorrow, possibly also checking that previously known devices are responding.

I'm wondering whether I can make a generic driver for all bulbs. I think they should mostly be compatible, I really don't want to copy and paste code, the only snag is that the capabilities are different, not sure if they can be defined dynamically per device or not.