Lifx Local Control?


Hi - I'm looking for local control of LIFX bulbs. Does it exist?

I'm using the LIFX GOG custom driver at the moment and have tried it being controlled by a Lutron Pico. I see LIFX has the possibility of local LAN control - .

LIFX Local Control

I would love this as well. I looked at this a while back but it seems like Lifx lan control requires building the actual packet which is way beyond my skill level and I think is the main reason it hasn't been done by anyone else. I dont know why they decided to make it so complex.


I really want this as well. If it's any help, there's a local HTTP API someone wrote for their own use -


Yep...saw that as well but it requires a man-in-the-middle and python. Neither of which I have the time to learn or setup. If the web service at least created an API similar to Hue it might be worth the effort.


I'd be head over heels if someone figured this out. I have a few lifx bulbs that aren't really suitable for fast automations due to the cloud lag.


I may try MQTT for the moment, hopefully some smart developer comes along and gets .

My smartthings hub died early this year, so I went and tried Home Assistant and OpenHAB - and re-created 141 devices and automations in SmartThings (good times?). Unfortunately the rule / automations in home assistant was going to take away too much time - plus a simple colon on the wrong place would cause it to crash!

Anyway I still have HA setup and local lifx devices is among the simplest in HA to configure. So I think for the moment I'll give the MQTT integration here: Hubitat MQTT Integration a try with HA, using the rules from Hubitat.

At my house when people press a Pico button to control LIFX bulbs, they don't understand it takes time, so all the other Pico buttons will get pressed until something happens.


Does it exist? Yes

Does Hubitat support it? No

You should put in a feature request.


I have some code which talks to LIFX on the local net -- a demo library that does most of the UDP in the LIFX spec.

linkedin post:

An old version of the library is here

And a couple of near real time demo apps are here:


@jeff.derienzo sounds interesting. Have you thrown it into a driver yet to test?


Tricky without the ability to use external classes or create your own unfortunately.