I locked myself out of the web interface

One of the most common support ticket issue, is when customers accidentally lock themselves out of hub's web interface and forget the "User Name" they have set on the "Hub Login Security" page.

Credentials on the "Hub Login Security" are saved locally and we cannot retrieve them. Instead, users can disable this feature to regain access to the web interface and retrieve their user name.

Here is how:

  1. Log into My Account with admin account
  2. Press "Registered Hubs" card
  3. Select "Hub Details"
  4. Click "Advanced" button.
  5. Click "Disable Hub Login Screen"

Now you can open the web interface. The next time you would like to enable the Hub Login Security to prevent unauthorized access to your web interface on your local area network, please remember that credentials are different than the account used to log into My Account.


Sweet! Thank you so much. I thought I was gonna have to wait til Monday... Thanks again! You da man!

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