Seen in updates announcement!

" Please note: We strongly recommend the following: DO NOT USE FULL RESET . If you have a problem that makes you think you need to do a Full Reset, please contact support before doing it. This is rarely the correct thing to do. We intend to remove this option from the Diagnostic Tool in the near future."

Does this mean we will no longer be able to reset the hub as a last resort if we forget our hub's password? This was something that was very important to me, without it I'd feel very disempowered.


Till an update is issued to fix the problems

You read something into it that gave you the impression the removal of Full Reset would be temporary? I didn't. Or have you read that elsewhere?

Via twitter.

Why would you do a factory full reset to fix a password issue?

Contact support I would assume means that they could do the reset, or give you a way to do so.

People in the last few weeks or so have been leaping right to full reset to "fix" all sorts of issues. And then they still had problems after the reset. So all that work for no benefit. And it is causing support nightmares with people saying "I got this error so the first step was to do a full reset". Like really, a full reset first?

If your car had a low fuel light would you replace the fuel pump and rebuild the engine, or just add fuel?


I'm fine with the warning not to do a reset unnecessarily. I would never do a hard reset before trying other things first and I completely understand the warning.

I am not fine with handing over ultimate control of a piece of hardware I understood I had bought to a company, as if I had only leased it on licence. That wasn't made clear when I parted with my money. I don't even want them having the ability to reset it remotely. What else can they do remotely? I am not saying anyone at hubitat would be untrustworthy, but the principle of the thing goes against everything I have learned to be careful of. Even my ISP don't have my modem's password and can't control my routing.

I don't know that they can even do this, I was speculating a bit. More likely it becomes a hidden menu. From what I have gathered, the most they can do is basically see if your hub is online and talking to the server.

Lots of needless panic over this. Point being, people were abusing this function so badly that they had to do something.

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Via Twitter yea, if it's,related to the specific issue. I think the warning is for people who are resetting when they don't need to and something else will fix the issue

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Yes I know what the warning is for. My issue is with having the hard reset ability removed completely for everyone. "We intend to remove this option from the Diagnostic Tool in the near future." It looks to me like the removal may be permanent, unless they qualify this statement.

My hub is a C4, and I have solid blue lights all the time from both the hub itself, and the Z-wave dongle... this has been the case from day one, and I don't seem to have any problem.

Should a C4 owner call support about a solid blue light?![hubitat_tweet|230x500]

No I think that's right for that model

I'm sure it'll still be available remotely but maybe they are overloaded with people hard resetting and then asking for help.

Edit* plus if other methods fix 99% of issues and hard reset is for extreme conditions I'm happy for it not to be there

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No, sorry for the confusion, the blue-light is normal on C-4 hubs. On C-5 and C-7 hubs is not, it means that the platform is not running.

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The hard reset is also for if you forget your hub password if you had set one, otherwise it might as well be a potato, or for if you want to give it to someone else. Taking that away and making it dependent on support disempowers the owner. And, again not saying they would do this, but it opens up the possibility of a service charge being placed on a reset for the purposes of selling. All said and done I don't want to sound like I am disrespecting the Hubitat company, but the principle is uncomfortable for me :smiley:

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I think I can understand your philosophical concerns. But unfortunately even in the case of a local home automation hub, because the hardware itself doesn't do anything without the software platform, we all actually purchased a license to use the platform. The hub's terms of use do spell that out.

Well in that case I didn't read it as well as I should and it's my bad. Oh well :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the confusion. The feature itself is not being removed, it will still be available, however, it will no longer be displayed on the Diagnostic Tool. The process is meant to be performed when the hub is returned or gifted to someone else. The Full Reset can do more harm than helping someone to resolve a problem with a previously registered hub.

The S̶o̶f̶t̶ Reset is the process that should be performed if the hub is not working properly. In addition, resetting the radios can be done from Zigbee/Z-Wave Details pages.

The Full Reset process, in addition to S̶o̶f̶t̶ Reset, it also resets the radios and the hub's cloud registration. The cloud registration is not needed to be removed if the plans are to continue to use the same hub in the same location. There are two big drawbacks when performing a Full Reset:

  • users cannot restore a backup
  • users can no longer identify the source of the problem that has caused the hub to misbehave, because historical data is being removed during the reset process.

There is a much easier way to resolve this problem, that doesn't require such an extreme action as running a Full Reset.


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