Help Please! Locked out of local UI

OK guys not sure what I did was trying to add the app to the Wifes phone so I could use her mobile as a presence device. I enabled login security and now I cannot login to the hub with my login info or the wifes. I followed this and I'm not sure what to do now. Please tell me I do not have to reset my hub?

That got me in thanks not sure what happened and really don't understand how that happened as I did not forget my login. I was simply following the directions posted here.

So not sure if we have a bigger problem or not?

That is only for security of the hub ui, everything else uses your portal logins. I will update the wording on that page to make it more clear.

It's like an admin account on your router. ie: it's only used to secure the admin ui for your router and has nothing to do with your wifi password.

Here is the page that you want How to change accounts linked to your hub - Hubitat Documentation

Ok thanks another question for you how do I let me wife login with her credentials and use that as a presence sensor for her? I set her up as a user but still cannot login to the app with her credentials I created? Do I need to set her up with her own cloud Hubitat account to accomplish this? Some of the options seem a little confusing. Now I'm trying to set her up her own cloud account to see and it will not accept my verification code. Anyway thanks for the help much appreciated.

I think I finally got it. I'm liking Hubitat it has a lot to offer and allows for a lot of customization which is awesome. If I provided any feedback though I would say the interface and the buginess needs to be addressed. I like to tinker but I can see anyone who just wants to set it up and forget it getting discouraged easily.

We love feedback, but we need specifics, I can't do much with what you relayed.

Well see there in lies the problem I would think you use Hubitat I may be wrong though. Anyway just getting my wife's phone setup a presence device was overly complicating and even after I got it setup when I clicked on one of the options (That was early this morning don't remember which option it was sorry) in the app it just went to discovering presence devices. I think if Hubitat wants to appeal to a broader market share they need to put complete novices in the mix and collect feedback based on there setup experiences and there administration experiences. It's an excellent product and I encourage anyone to invest in it myself. I have not even began to start looking into the dashboards in depth it seems overly complicated and really does not make a lot of sense. I watched a few videos on setting them up and was like oh that seems simple enough but once I got into trying to configure them mine did not seem to have some of the options he was performing now I did not look at how old the video was and I'm sure updates has changed a lot. I guess my feedback would be the UI and options need more polishing to really appeal to the mass market. It's not always straight forward how you accomplish common task is the big thing. I think if you could polish it for the basic users and still cater to the one's of us who like to push the envelope you would have an easier time appealing to a larger market share. I want to see this thing be successful and it's clear you all have a great device that opens a lot of doors. The community is great as well! I do not intend this to be taken wrong as this is not just harping on the device only saying it would appeal to a greater market if it could be more user friendly in the UI and polished but still offer the power on the backend for us who like to punish ourselves.....:slight_smile:

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