How to reset the password for the Hub Login Security?

I triggered a password reset on my local Hubitat Elevation Hub.
It issued the reset email, but when I open the link, nothing renders on the browser.
I can hover the mouse around and find some mouse cursor changes, but no actually visible labeled forms, and no buttons. I can sometimes get the Hubitat banner to render for a blink.

I tried on Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Same results on all three browsers.

How do I reset my password now, if the reset page won't render?

@bobbyD @gopher.ny

Thanks for your feedback. We will further investigate. However, if you are trying to reset the local security password, please check out the following post to learn how to disable the password protected web interface so you can regain access to your hub:

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Quick update. I was unable to replicate the problem. However, disabling the local security login allows you to remove the existing account and create a new one with a new password.

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