[RELEASE] IKEA window roller blinds

I know there are quite a few versions of my original ported code from smartthings around on this forum. Since I've newly acquired a hubitat hub I'm now transitioning over and decided to port my own devices over. Here's my version of the handler/device-code developed for my personal use but sharing it here if anyone finds it useful:

EDIT: updated to allow better integration with dashboard slider and alexa when max open level is set. Also improved the final state reporting so should always end with an open or closed state so that dashboard is able to open or close blinds with single click.

EDIT: added standard hubitat toggles to hide all the debug messages and removed some smartthings only references

EDIT: updated to limit blind level reporting frequency to protect zigbee stack on hubitat


Thanks, and foremost: welcome!


welcome to the bright side, and cheers!


So nice of you.... Do you have in mind to get a Hubitat driver for the Ikea Button that comes with the Fyrtur blinds? Would be so nice...


Welcome...ST loss, our great gain. :slight_smile:

Ahh its good to see a familiar face/icon here

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They weren't very reliable on ST and would drop off so I didn't use them. I can see if I can dig one out to see if it behaves any better on hubitat.


LOL.... So frustrated with what they're doing over at ST. I have been with them since the beginning with over 400 devices and a huge set of rules and custom automations. Have been running well and my setup has needed few changes over the last 2 years.
But their "new" app has trashed a large proportion of my configuration after migration and the recent echo speaks announcement was the last straw.
Will take me months to fully move over. So sad to see them go this way....


Thanks for this, just updated my two blinds to use this. Your driver reports battery levels, the other one always said 100 for me.

It also updates the open/close level (in real time!) on the Dashboards. My previous driver didn't do well with dashboards.

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Yep, took a little while to figure out, glad it all works! The real-time reporting of shade level looks great on the dashboard.

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It does! Watching the number move made me smile. lol! Question - why does it say 'Opening' or 'Closing', leaving that the state of the shade? No big deal...

It should say either opening or closing during movement and then once stopped after a few seconds say either: Open, Closed or Partially Open. At least that's what it's supposed to do. I'll take a look later to see if I can spot anything wrong.

This is my wife's #1 request and, currently the only use for my ST hub. A button driver would be much appreciated :wink:


I thought somewhere buried in that huge other thread on these blinds that the zigbee pairing with Hubitat disables the pairing of the buttons. That is why the buttons do not work.
For us it's not a big deal since the Alexa integration works so well, even though it almost always says 'I'm not quite sure what went wrong' when in reality it worked.

Have you tried with my driver code? I also saw that error a few times early on but not seen that error occur after a few changes. Not sure if it fixed.

With your driver it still says that phase that something went wrong, but it worked.

I think you driver logic is opposite of the last driver - set to 10% will be 10% open, 90% closed. My rule to close the shades at night just opened them all the way. I'll update my rules and re-think this!

welcome @a4refillpad - I never said thanks for your work on the xiaomi DH's while I was using ST!

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Yes, Welcome and thanks! I got the same email about echo speaks, it and HubConnect are the only things I still have on ST. It's about to stop working for me soon.

Thank you, I'm totally dig seeing the status update in near-real-time without a Ping or Refresh!

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My very early versions of the smartthings handler were the wrong way round so if that was used as a source then this might have caused this. I needed it this way so that other integrations which made direct calls to blind level rather than call the open or close functions would still work.
If you think of the shade being the equivalent of a dimmer of a light then it makes sense. The higher the percentage the more light let through.

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