Unable to pair Ikea Fyrtur Blinds

I have two Ikea Fyrtur blinds that I've been struggling with for a long time. I bought them about a year ago and was unable to pair them with my v1 SmartThings hub. Based on the ST community advice, they thought it wasn't compatible with a v1 hub. Fast forward to 2020, and I now have a C5 Hubitat hub that I'm working with, and I've loaded @a4refillpad's driver.

The HE hub was able to pair the repeaters fine (as far as I can tell - they show up as devices, at least*). I haven't bothered with the remote.

I've reset the blinds by holding the top & bottom buttons for 5 seconds and tried to pair a new zigbee device immediately after. Nothing happens.

I've short-pressed the top & bottom buttons to initiate pairing mode on the blinds for 2 minutes and tried to pair a new zigbee device on the hub. Nothing happens.

In both cases, the 60 second pairing timer runs out, and the devices never show up.

The blinds and the hub are separated by about 20 feet at most.

What am I doing wrong? Is there some voodoo to get these to pair to the hub?

I suppose it's possible I got two bum/defective blinds, but that seems unlikely. I'm also waaay outside the return window. :wink:


  • Actually, I'm not sure the repeaters paired correctly, either. They initially paired, and I set them to Ikea TRADFRI repeater devices. But they last checked in ~15 days ago (which was about 30 days after they were paired - so they worked for a while before dropping off the mesh), and hitting the two buttons for getLinkQuality and getRouteTable do nothing.


If they show up as devices then simply change the device driver to use the right device type. Have you checked this?

Thanks for the reply.

Yep, I checked. There are no phantom "Device" devices.


Is it the square-ish on/off button remote you are trying to pair?

Do you have a TRADFRI repeater close to them? Also once you pair them, the two button remote will not work anymore.

There is a community driver for them that works great. I have two of the blinds and use them with automations 5 of 7 days each week.

There is a very long thread about these blinds here:

Nope. I'm not using the remote.

I've tried to pair the blinds while the repeaters are plugged in about 10 feet / 2 meters from the blinds, and I've tried to pair the blinds with the repeaters unplugged and offline. There was no difference in either case. :frowning:

Somewhere in the thread I posted above they get into pairing, and how to successfully do it. I followed that. From what I recall it did take a couple of tries, but it worked. Hard pressing buttons and such in the instructions. I'd read through that next. Good Luck''
Edit - thread #107 or 108 in above talks about pairing.

I swear. I'm not entirely sure why it worked this time, but I was able to get both blinds to pair. Despite trying these directions repeatedly in the past without success, this time it worked.

One thing I can't remember if I did last time or not was unplug my SmartThings hub while trying to pair the blinds. But here's what I did that resulted in success.
0) Unplug my SmartThings hub

  1. Re-pair my two Tradfri repeaters by inserting a bent paperclip into the pinhole on the front. (Both re-joined as previously paired devices.)
  2. Put the HE hub into zigbee pairing mode.
  3. Reset one blind by holding both buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  4. Wait for first blind to pair... IT DID!
  5. Stop zigbee pairing on the HE hub.
  6. Start zigbee pairing on the HE hub.
  7. Reset second blind by holding both buttons down.
  8. Wait for second blind to pair... which it did!
  9. Rename both blinds from "DEVICE" to something meaningful.
  10. Change drivers/device type for both blinds to a4refillpad's driver.
  11. Re-plug in my SmartThings hub so I can control the one (very last ST device) smart plug stuck behind a bookcase that I'm too lazy to unload and so I can get to the plug...


Shaking my head at how unmagical this process was, but happy it finally worked.

Thanks, folks!


Thanks, saved entire week