Ikea Blinds

Update on Ikea Blinds:


Just to avoid confusion from only reading the title.

August release might be for Sweden and other select countries. The release for other countries happening at different times.

US might be in October.

I'm not familiar with homekit...do these use a zwave/zigbee/compatible controller with HE?

Homekit, is Apple's controller

This says it is compatible with Alexa, Google and homekit.

It is part of the TRADFRI line, so more than likely zigbee.

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

I cannot wait for these to be released. Getting new blinds for my windows and patio doors!

So does anyone know if these will be natively joinable to Hubitat or need app code? Wanting to get some automated blinds and these are definitely on my radar.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community! Unfortunately there is absolutely no way for us to know until we have one of these in our possession. They are zigbee. Not much else is known at this point.

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The above is the manual.

Some things of note: there is a rechargeable battery. The blinds are shown in the manual being used with the IKEA zigbee repeater (see page 22).

The battery more than unlikely will be sold seperately. Below is the manual for the battery.

[edit] I found the pricing guide! See page 8 for US prices


Having a peek at the zigbee certification documents, we shouldn't have any issue supporting these...
Of course I'll have to get my hands on one, and fortunately I do have one or two windows that I didn't populate with Lutron shades...


Nice sleuthing!

If these work out these are going on my very very short list! Along with hard wiring them.


Thank you! I'm loving Hubitat. Appreciate your guys' work.

Here’s an unboxing video of the IKEA Fyrtur blinds. Apparently they were released in Europe recently. I am very much looking forward to these coming to the states.

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I see they are provided with a zigbee repeater as charger. Always nice to have an extra repeater in the house. Or outside if the house is covered :smile:

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Well done video. Even though it appears that only the blackout version will be released in the US initially, after viewing the video it looks fairly easy to replace the fabric on the roller with just about any blind fabric and use the mechanism. Very exciting price point. It will be interesting to see how durable they will be and whether the integration to HE will be solid. Very much looking forward to these.

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Gosh I'd love these. Been watching the axio ones for years but 250 is too much.

I am irrationally excited for window shades for the first time in my life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is another video of how to install them, how fast they roll up and down, and how loud they are: https://youtu.be/RqW6bVfrHNQ

I’ve been following this thread on Reddit where people in Europe have been installing them: https://www.reddit.com/r/tradfri/comments/crab43/ikea_fyrtur_smart_blinds_unboxing_and_teardown/