Ikea Blinds


Thanks for the links. Irrationally excited is a good descriptor. Been wanting automatic blinds forever. Can't wait for these!


They went into stock in UK stores today it seems.


Just need a driver. Homebridge will take care of the HomeKit delay. No big deal there.


Anyone successfully added any of the blinds to Hubitat yet?


Just bought a set today, I am unable to get them to pair with HE.


This is discouraging. Any suggestions we can offer? Really would like to get that fingerprint to @mike.maxwell ASAP.

I’ve had success with IKEA TRÅDFRI battery products before by factory resetting them, then removing the battery for at least 10 seconds, then try pairing again. Maybe also try pairing right next to the hub, just to get it to pair so you can get the full Zigbee fingerprint.


Things I've tried.

I've tried to pair the blind right by then hub, no joy.
The blind will not work with out the supplied repeater plugged in, even if you are right by the blind.
The repeater will pair with He.
The remote will pair with He.

Here's a snippet from the manual

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need the Signal
Repeater to be able to steer your blinds with
the wireless Open/Close remote!

That may be a clue?


Do you have an IKEA TRÅDFRI Gateway? Does it pair with that when the repeater is in place (but not paired to HE)?


Sorry no Ikea Gateway, I was trying to avoid buying another hub.


Understand. When I was experimenting with the outlet early on, I bought an as-is Gateway just to test what was possible, and then later returned it because it served no other purpose.

Even though their manual was saying that I could not pair in the outlet to the Gateway without the remote, that turned out to not be true. Generally I would ignore their instructions because their method is to create a Direct device link between the remote, the gateway and their outlet, so it’s probably similar with the shades.

I am guessing that they want you to use the repeater because the signal from the shade is probably intentionally weak in order to give a better battery life. So they are dependent on that mesh between the Gateway and the outlet.

So maybe remove the remote from the picture (unpair it). Pair the repeater to the HE hub, Then go through the factory reset and battery removed from the shade, and then try and pair the shade with it near the repeater. If you can get that paired, then the remote can be figured out later.


Obviously these need to pair first but someone on the ST forum posted a device handler as they got them paired with the ST hub:




@ritchierich that’s encouraging that these will pair with a coordinator. Ultimately I want these things to work for me no matter what, so if I have to, I will physically hack the remote in the exact same way I did with my iSmart Alarm. But ideally we can get this paired so everyone can benefit.


The code mentions “Device-Watch” first on line 180. What is “device-watch“ ? Do you have a link to the original thread?


Not much here: [RELEASE] IKEA FYRTUR Window blinds - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community


Ok Managed to pair It this way.

Pair repeater with He.
Reboot He.
Reset blind:-
For wireless roller blind:
Press on both buttons for 5 seconds. A LED
will blink once to confirm the reset.


Is this Info what you want?

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 22
  • softwareBuild: 2.2.007
  • inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0020,0102,1000,FC7C
  • outClusters: 0019,1000
  • model: FYRTUR block-out roller blind
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden


I believe that may be ST device health. Believe I have seen it in other DTHs.

You may try porting the ST device handler to see if it works using these instructions:

If you get it working please post your working driver here for others to leverage.


Here Is a link to the ported code.

Although the set level/position does not work


Hmm, not much there. Was that all that was shown after clicking on more... ?