Ikea Blinds Installed

Hello guys....
Sorry about this question, but couldn't locate a proper answer and I'm a little bit lost, need some help to finish my installation or guide me to the right direction please.

Installed 2 ikea blinds today and paired with our HE hub, whats the next step, read something about drivers but I'm a little lost, I don't have the ikea hub, need some guidance please, what should i do next to be abled to control them with alexa if possible.


Sounds like you are on the right track. Yes, you will need to install a driver that works for the blinds.:

To install the driver, go to the “Driver Code” section of the Hubitat app, click on “New Driver”, then you can click on the “Import” button which will allow you to enter the driver code’s path. In this case, you will want to past the following:


Once this is done, click on “Save”.

Here is the Hubitat documentation on doing this:


Once the driver has been saved, you can go to the device page and select the new driver. It will be an the bottom of the drop down list under the “Device Information” section’s “Type:” drop down box.


Does this give you the information you need? It may sound like a lot, but don’t hesitate to ask if you need more detailed directions!

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Part of the info yes and thanks so much, got the driver installed, whats the next step???

Once the driver is installed, you need to go to the “Devices” section and find your Ikea Blinds in the device list. When they were paired to Hubitat, you should have had the opportunity to give them a name - look for devices with that name.

When you open the device’s page, you will be able to select the driver from the “type” drop down list.

Got it !!
Question, i have to do the driver portion first then pair the blinds??
Becasue i did pair the blinds with hubitat then i did the driver installation but cant see the "type" (driver) ikea window blinds in the drop menu

If you add the driver before the blinds are paired, they should be automatically selected as part of the pairing process, so the 2nd step wouldn’t be required.

The “type” list is decided in 2 parts. The first part includes all the Hubitat drivers. The 2nd part (on the bottom) includes the Community (you install yourself) drivers. Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom.

Thanks so much Sebastien !!! Got it working.
Do you know how to set the right opening space so the blind wont open all the way?


Are you saying that when you open them in Hubitat, they don’t open all the way?

If so, this means that they need to be configured so they “know” how how tall your window is, so they know the open and close limits.

This is a setting specific to the blind themselves. The packaging should include instructions on how to set the open and close limits... But since I don’t own Ikea blinds my self, I can’t provide much more information on them unfortunately...

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Thanks once again. I will check in to that !!!

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