Hubitat device types in Google Home


What determines how a hubitat device shows up in Google Home and what functions are available? Is it based on the driver you use or something in the device setting?

I have a bunch of zigbee window shades connected to hubitat using the Ikea driver:

In Google Home the shades show up as dimmable bulbs. I can control them fine with the dimmer acting as level adjustment. The problem is that since GH thinks they're light bulbs, if I verbally tell it to turn the lights on or off in a particular room then the shades get opened/closed as well. As a result I've had to place all the shades in the house in a separate virtual room. Ideally I'd like to have the shades show up as a window device (like how switchbot curtains show up in GH) so I can keep them in their respective rooms.


Use this Google Home app instead, it has many more device types than the built-in one from Hubitat.



So I would use this in place of the HE integration inside GH for all my hubitat devices? I have a bunch of other zigbee devices connected to GH through HE as well.

Yes, or you can use both. I still have my "vanilla" devices (switches, dimmers, etc) running through the HE integration and my more "advanced" devices (temperature sensors, fans, locks and windows shades) running through the Community app. Just too lazy to move them, I guess.


Devices show based on driver capabilities. Currently the built in integration only supports: switches, dimmers, thermostats, and bulbs (Google Home | Hubitat Documentation)

For additional capabilities I suggest checking out the community supported Google Home Integration:

You can easily remove the lines

capability Switch
capability Switch Level

and it'll only be recognised as a blind. These were added in as people wanted the dashboard to show colour changes according to state and also to work with hubitat groups.

EDIT: it'll then not appear in the built in google home integration.

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