Ikea Blinds

I have two blinds and I used one of the two repeaters that came with them in the box. The driver in post 286 works great.

@rick.guthier Thanks for your answer. I didn't realize a repeater comes with the blinds. I will not buy a separate one then....I assume they can easily pair directly to Hubitat using the driver mentioned above.

Thanks for your response!

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If you have any problems pairing, look in this thread. I don't recall having any issues, Good Luck! I wish I could afford to buy more of these, my daughter wants them in her room!

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After trial and error, the 4 IKEA blinds in the living room work fine with one repeater. Having 4 of those hanging off one USB adapter or each repeater plugged into its own USB adapter takes a lot of real estate on the wall outlet. Other rooms have 3 blinds, and only one repeater per room. The repeater appears to report battery level, Battery level percentage is flaky for the first few days until the ZigBee mesh is rebuilt. I am not using their gateway. ST custom device handlers allow full operation of the blinds and the remotes work as designed with their own custom device handler.

Everything else has been moved from ST to HE. The only reason I am keeping the ST hub is for the button functions. Moving the blinds to HE before the button is supported means the WAF drops because the button isn’t supported. So the blinds are paired with ST for now until someone ports the ST device handlers to HE drivers.


using Ryan780 Driver, I am new to hubitat. It's working fine but I am getting frequent debug messages from one blind.

Ignore invalid reports

dev:412020-12-18 14:03:02.253 debuglevelEventHandle - currentLevel: 0 lastLevel: 0

dev:412020-12-18 14:03:02.229 debugattr: 8, value: 00, descValue: 0, FYRTUR block-out roller blind

dev:412020-12-18 14:03:02.223 debugdescription:- read attr - raw: 1E37010xxxxxx002000, dni: 1E37, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0102, size: 08, attrId: 0008, encoding: 20, command: 0A, value: 00

What is this telling me?
Is that something I can/need/should fix or just ignore?


Debug messages are not necessarily a problem. Some developers build-in the capability to toggle Debug messages. I recently updated my driver to @a4refillpad 's new driver that allows for:

"...better integration with dashboard slider and alexa when max open level is set. Also improved the final state reporting so should always end with an open or closed state so that dashboard is able to open or close blinds with single click."

I don't know if he's added the Debug logs toggle switch yet but @csteele did so using his code and posted the expanded code here.

OK. So I switched from the original Ryan780 to the driver in post 274 above that allows the state of 0 and 100 to be reversed. The updated driver is working fine with my Fyrtur blinds except for ONE THING:

I created Dashboard Tiles for the Fyrtur blinds and chose Template to be "shade". The tiles seem to work properly and update state correctly. But the tiles DO NOT update background color. I believe they should change color according to state. And these colors for each state are defined in the dashboard template for "shade".

I also have a couple smart curtains that use the Zigbee - Aquara Smart Curtain Motor driver by markusl and it is designed to make the curtains function as a shade. I also have dashboard tiles for these curtains set up using the same "shade" template and they DO update background color according to shade state (On, Off states only) So I don't believe the problem is with the "shade" template for the dashboard tiles.

Does anyone else have this issue? Are your dashboard tiles updating background color based on state of your Fyrtur blinds???

Please help


Can somebody explain the difference between the SetLevel & SetPosition?

Getting confused!


setLevel was provided to make a blind appear to be a dimmable bulb so you could control its position with a dimmer like 50 for half open. Both work the same.

Hi folks, what's the best and latest driver for the IKEA blinds. I have them working fine but my dashboard tiles generally display the wrong percentages. So when they're closed, they may display 37% for example. Am I missing a trick here. Ive tried the diet and also the shades tile but they generally perform the same. Cheers in advance guys

Just checking:
Be sure to set the max lenght on the blind itself.. I think it's pressing both buttons (check manual) on the blind simultaneously, when at desired length.

Pressing both buttons begins the Zigbee inclusion. When the blind is at the length you want, press the bottom button on the blind two times quickly. If the blind goes up a bit then down a bit after pressing the lower button two times quickly , the maximum length has been set.

If the battery is removed, the maximum length will need to be reset but the blind will still be included.

Not at home to see what driver I use. Will check tonight but it does report correctly.

FYI you only need one of the supplied repeaters for a few blinds. My living room has 4 blinds and one repeater. Battery levels report correctly.

A few rooms have 3 blinds with one repeater and those also work correctly and report battery levels correctly.

If you find the battery is at 0% remove the repeater for 10 seconds then plug it back in.

0 is fully closed and 100 is fully open.

Here is my dashboard showing all the battery levels. One is showing 44%.

The driver I am using is from ryan780.

Interesting. This hasn't happened to me, and I've replaced the battery 10 or so times across 3 blinds. I wonder if I have a different firmware in my blinds or something?

EDIT: This is the driver I switched to that the ryan780 driver was originally based on. The author migrated from Smart Things over to Hubitat a little while back, and brought the driver along. [RELEASE] IKEA window roller blinds



After replacing the battery with a freshly charged battery, I found the maximum length was not right, so when Hubitat said to close that blind, it went out the full length. One time one of the blinds went out the full length and kept rotating, which caused the blind to roll up in reverse. I automatically reset the length after replacing the battery to avoid that reverse roll again. Perhaps this relearn is not necessary, but I do it as a habit. One of the blinds needs the battery replaced so I won’t do the relearn and see what happens.

This happened to me once, it was when the battery died when the blind was half-rolling up. I put in the new battery, the blind began unrolling then rolled up the other way. I pressed one of the buttons on the blind to stop it, removed and replaced the battery a 2nd time and the blind behaved normally. It was really strange and freaked me out but hasn’t happened again, or on any of my 2 other blinds. I wonder how come it happens so frequently on yours, and if anything can be done to prevent that.

I replace my batteries every 6 weeks and would be super frustrated going through all of what you experience. :frowning:

I wouldn’t say frequently but it has happened twice with one blind and once with another. Having 12 blinds I just replace the battery with a fully charged one when the HE tile shows a low battery.

Having to reset the length each time the battery is removed does not sound good.
That’s caused me to rethink whether I invest in these blinds.

I just had one of these blinds die on me, Ikea was great just called and they are sending a replacement. They said to dispose of the old one. I think maybe its a loose connection or bad solder joint as it would sometimes come back to life for a period of time

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