[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

Introducing 'Follow Me'
Never miss a message again. Send messages to your occupied room speakers when home or by push when away. Automatically!

  • Follow Me will soon be required for sending speech from within any of my apps. This will allow for standard features across apps and provide for apps with a smaller footprint.


  • Turn speakers on/off based on always on, contacts, motion or by switch
  • Control whether it sends the message to speakers or to pushover using presence sensors
  • Works with most speaker/apps including Chromecast Integration, Echo Speaks, Rule Machine and Sonos!
  • Volume controls for most speakers. Detects which commands the speaker will accept and will automatically restore when available or use a user selectable volume when restore is not available.
  • Volume can be set by message priority
  • Change the Voice based on message priority (speechSynth only)
  • Send a sound file prior to speaking the message (speechSynth only)
  • Ability to Test each sound/voice (speechSynth only)
  • Send speaker status to 'Follow Me Device' to be displayed on dashboards
  • Send last message to 'Follow Me Device' to be displayed on dashboards
  • All dashboard tiles can scroll
  • Parent/Child App structure
  • Create as many child apps as needed

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using the Hubitat Package Manager.
(HPM is highly recommended)

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.


Note: If using Smartly, add this to your CSS within the Dashboard settings.

.tile-primary, .tile-contents{
   height: 100% ;

You are on a ROLL lately! Nice work!!!

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Thanks! Always working on more than 1 at a time. Sometimes they just finished up close together. Only got one big one left that I'm working on though. Who knows how long that'll take. :grin:

So differences between this and speaker central?

Completely different code wise and this one does a whole lot more.

  • Different set of triggers
  • Ability to have certain speakers 'always on'
  • Works with Alexa speaks
  • Sends message to speakers if home, pushover if away
  • Makes what was said available to be shown on dashboards

If Speaker Central does what you need, then stay with it... Great app.
If you like/want an option that this one provides, give it a try. That's the beauty of choice.

I am always excited about new apps. :slight_smile:

Just the very short description surrounding the app sounded similar (not same) as Speaker Central. I would love to see use-case scenarios for this app as it is intriguing. :slight_smile:

New version on Github...

V1.1.0 - 04/04/19 - More tweaks

Raise and lower volume based on message priority! Also, added color coding to the driver 'What did I say'!


I use this for tons of announcements, our family really likes them.

  • Each room has a speaker in it (for me it's all Google)
  • Living Room speaker set to 'Always On', Bathroom speaker set to 'Switch' (if light is on), the rest of the rooms are based on 'Motion'. This way any announcements will literally 'Follow Me' around the house without the ping pong effect of announcing in every single room.
  • Can also set message priority, so some messages will be louder than others based on the priority you give them. This will REALLY get your attention!
  • and if I'm not home, the messages will be Pushed to my phone.
  • also, each message can be displayed on any Dashboard - color coded by priority!

Some examples of messages:

  • in the am it lets us know there is 'Motion in Emma's room' - so we know she is up and getting ready for school.
  • Reminds us to start the truck if it too cold out.
  • Throughout the day, mailbox announcements, washer and dryer announcements, time to feed the dogs reminders, 'Welcome Home' and 'Departures' announcements.

Almost every app out there allows random messages too, so we never know what is about to be announced.

There are lots of other posts out there on 'announcement' ideas.

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I have just got my new Hubitat setup and seem to be having a few teething problems!

Your app is just what I've been looking for to enable messages to be spoken on whichever speaker I choose. I am working with predominantly google devices i.e Mini, Home Hub, Google Audio.

I have setup a little test where I am using Bigtalker2 to send the message playing to your 'What Did I Say' virtual Device, which is then linked into your Follow Me app.

When I create the message in Bigtalker2, I see from the dashboard tile that it has received the message, but I hear nothing out of the Google Front Room display (Google Home Hub). I have set the task to 'Always On' and I'm not using the 'Enable/Disable' child task.

I don't really know what else there is to set to get it to work. Any suggestions.

Welcome to Hubitat!

Did you select your 'What did I say' device in the 'Speech Device' section of Follow Me?

The following is my Follow Me Child setup:-

Can you turn on the debug and try to send speech to it. Any errors?

From the following logs it would seem that it believes no speakers are active yet you can see from the setup I have allocated the 'Front Room Display' Google Home Hub.

It certainly seems to be doing its stuff! Its just not seeing that any speakers are active.

Ok, I'll set up a new a new child device exactly like your screenshots and find out why it's not working. :thinking::thinking:

New version on Github...

V1.0.5 - 03/31/19 - Attempt to fix 'Always_On' Speakers


Thank. I'll give it a try later.

Hi, that has fixed the problem. Thanks for your prompt assistance with this.

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Hi, I have carried out some further tests and I can't get the enable/disable of the child task to work or the enabling of the 'Select Switch to Activate Speaker'. It basically always plays the message.

New version on Github...

V1.0.6 - 04/01/19 - Attempt to fix 'Enable/Disable Switch' and Activate by 'Switch'


Hi, I have tested this version and the results are a bit random.

I have a child task setup for the Kitchen speaker and the 'Select Switch to Activate Speaker' setup with a virtual switch.

  1. Speaker enabled - No message from speaker
  2. Speaker Disabled - No message from speaker
  3. Speaker Enabled - message from speaker
  4. Speaker Disabled - No message from speaker
  5. Speaker Enabled - Quiet message from speaker
  6. with speaker still enabled - Louder message from speaker
  7. with speaker still enabled -Quiet message from speaker
  8. with speaker disabled - Louder message from speaker
  9. with speaker still disabled - no message from speaker

Have you got this app working at your end? Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm just curious, because if it is then i'm maybe there is something wrong at my end.

When I update the child app do i need to recreate my child tasks?