Show Off Your Dashboards!

A link tile just creates a clickable link to another website. There is no way to put an entire website into a tile in dashboard.

not going to lie.. the ability to use a tile as a frame would make for some really nice

edit scratch that.. i can add a dashboard to a frame... NICE.. why did this never click with me..

We did some early tests with supporting an iframe as a tile. The issue is there are many sites that escape iframes and would break dashboard to the point of having to start over assuming you had a backup of your layout...

However, we made sure that dashboard can be embedded into iframes (the /dashboards link in the hub ui is a good example). So you could do the opposite.

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haha, your in my head.. the dashboard in the UI is what made it click that it would work

All these dashboards are amazing!! This is just my lowly heat circulation dashboard. Shows all my temp sensors and blower/fan automation.


Nothing better than real time data... Using 'Snapshot', 'Follow Me' and 'What did I say'.


Love seeing all of these dashboards! For those who have gone above and beyond how much time did you invest in creating them?

Hard to tell here, as I tweak it as I get new ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Some examples from what I've been changing lately.
I might get TTS working on this and Brian's voice (as close as I can get to Jarvis :joy: )

Resolution is better on the tablet itself, rather than my PC, and the Jarvis thing is a gif, so swirls in and out. :slight_smile: It'll be the one for now, until I get bored and change again lol.


You put a pretty strongly worded warning message on the real time option in SnapShot. This dashboard suggests you are tracking lots and lots of items in real time. Any idea what gets into risky category? I set up SnapShot with 25+- contact sensors. And used the new option of only showing on. But went with 2 minutes rather than real time. You think that it would be safe to go real time?

There is no magic number on how many devices you can track in real time. Everybody's system is different, different type of devices, different apps...way too many variables to say.

I track a lot of devices with snapshot, device manager, abacus - intense counting, abacus - time traveler and others (I like data!) without trouble. I can't guarantee your system will do the same, so the warning is there.

With that said, all you can do is try it and see how it goes.

"Brian Take your meds" - Now that's a handy reminder. Explains the crazy amount of apps you've put out lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems you've got your house nagging your family for you as well lol.


started playing with the idea of using frames with the dashboard.. is there any way to remove/hide the header on a dashboard? can see in pic, the issue with the "lower menu" iFrame....

My first shot at a lighting dashboard overlayed on the floorplan - this being the main floor. Positioning the tiles is a real pain - I ended up using 36 columns by 24 rows to get somewhat close to the granularity I wanted to position tiles. It still leaves a bit to be desired. Please excuse the blue - I was attempting to match Lutron's blue for the dimmers and switches - just for fun. I think I will go with something a little more subtle for a final version.

You can tell which room is my office - it's the one with the light on!


@bptworld I am loving your snapshot app and tiles. I am working with a white background dashboard. Something in HE changes when you select to white, the tile colors changes, they get softer, try it on yours.

In any case, with the green color font on the snapshot tile, there some sort of shadowing on the font that actually makes it hard to read.

Is the font shadow part of your device type or part of something in HE?


Definitely not something I'm doing. :grin:

The only font style I have in the code is size and color.

@patrick, same question to you then?

see last two posts please.

thanks @bptworld

I'm seeing the same thing on the white background - it's like a drop shadow around the letters.

There is a font shadow effect on text. This could be turned off in custom attribute by overriding the css style.

Hi @patrick , thanks for the quick reply after hours. Are there instructions for this? When I go to edit the template, I do not see a css style sheet editor.

Shadow is not nearly as bad with a white font, even on the same tile and back ground colors.

Nor does it show up as intense on the black background and the darker default tile color


That was more for the custom driver to edit and apply custom styles. There isn't a built in css editor.