[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive

Yup, 100% Chromecast Beta issues. Nothing we can do about it.

Probably why that's been in Beta for so long!! But I also think that there are underlying issues on Speaker Groups in CC, they aren't that reliable. I've probably had to recreate them 4-5 times over the last 6 months.

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Same here.

Just in case it's not widely known yet, you can disable the Chromecast Beta app and your TTS for the devices already set up will still work. Yippee! I did this and it seems to have been one of the factors that has helped my hub be more responsive and work better. As usual, YMMV....

Hummm … will have to try that. Would be good to have virtual devices that I could assign to the physical speakers so I don't have to re-setup all of my automations that use TTS notifications when CC goes caput and I have to re-discover them.

Take a look at Follow Me.

Thanks … I'll check it out.


could you check to see if this app has been affected by the .130/.131 bug?
I had upgraded from .129 ~2 days ago and now what was an otherwise functioning app doesnt seem to be doing anything. I havent changed any settings...

Just turned on the debug and watched the logs... Working just fine here.

seems like the cron did not reset after upgrade -- entered app, saved & all seems ok for now

Hi I use Chromecast Helper to keep my Google home mini alive.
When a message is send to the mini it is alway playing, thanks to chromecast helper I think :smiley:
The device is staying alive for receiving voice messages
It looks the device is not responding to the first volume change after an inactive period

There is always a voice message when this rule runs, but the first time always at the existing volume of that moment. The second time the rule runs (in a time frame of max 4 min), the volume is adapting well to 80% for playing the message

  • When the mini is playing music, the volume change to 80% is working
  • The volume is always turning to 20 at the end of the rule
  • The problem occurs after an inactivity from around 5 min of the mini
  • Even with the setting of the Initialization to 1 min (for testing) in Chromecast helper the problem occurs

I think this the moment the problem starts

Anybody has the same experience with the first volume change, mayby a solution?

I did have some issues with volume not being set. I saw a post somewhere saying to first send an empty string to the device, then issue the volume change command. I tried that and it worked for me. But I've also had volume change without first having to send that "" string. So I ended up not really knowing if it worked &/or is really necessary or not. Anyway it may be worth a try.

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I have tried it, but it does not work, a first string make sense , but It does not work for me. Maybe if we have the choice to send the source "Hubitat", but I can't figure out how to do it.

Sorry it didn't work for you. You could maybe try a refresh or initialise command using a custom action? Not sure what else to suggest.

I could give it a try but the Chromecast Helper does an initialize every minute....

Yeah. I'm out of ideas now. Except get an Amazon Echo :crazy_face:

Yup, that's all that it does :wink: (at whatever time frame you set it at)

You could try to run your speech through 'Follow Me' and see it that helps.

HEY, no bad language allowed in this thread! (hahahaha)

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Ok , I will give it a look, I thought Follow me was for other purpose

You probably not going to believe it, in Belgium Amazon is not used, Google is or friend :grinning:, but I have to admit I am curious in it

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I'm Google​ only across 2 properties. Been resisting adding Alexa just because of some sort of weird, largely unfounded, somewhat blind loyalty to my encumbent system and the inevitable pain of having to learn something new. But, frankly, from what I've read, Amazon is head and shoulders above Google for home automation. Google doesn't even allow sensors or time based triggers to their Routines. You have to use voice. What kind of automation is that?!? These have been rumoured to be added "early in 2020" but of course that never happened. What on earth their thousands of programmers within Nest do all day long is a complete mystery to me. Compare that with the range of functionality, integrations and hardware from Amazon and really there is no comparison. And then look at the Echo integration with Hubitat and compare it with Chromecast (still in beta and as you know, quite unreliable).

Sorry for my continued profanity.


PS. Having written the above I really will now have to buy at least 1 Alexa-based product.

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Don't do it...