[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive

dose you anyone have the nest display? i was wondering do i use the chromecast audio, or video driver?

also out of curiosity why is the recommended refresh 4 minutes?

That error in your screenshot is coming from the Chromecast device itself not from this app.

For the nest display, you should be using the video driver.

The 4 minute recommended refresh rate is just based on my personal testing.


Yea sorry didn't explain it was driver, was wondering if anyone else had it or if important?

Yeah, everyone that uses the beta driver has that error from time to time. Nothing to worry about.

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I've been using your app for a few weeks now and it seems to be working great. I've also noticed that my devices seem to always be ready and available now in my google home app. I used to have to wait sometimes for them to show available and would have to refresh the app a few times.

Thanks for putting this together!

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Beta driver? I only see two drivers. Video and audio.

Am I missing something ?

As for your app, I can do the same thing under a rule, correct? Just send a initialize every 4 minutes ?

Looks like you didn't follow the whole conversation. Was in reference to the Chromecast Beta app/drivers.

Probably, haven't tried. In theory, (lots of talk out there) this little app will use less resources than RM.

Thanks for the app. This has definitely improved the reliability of my CC devices. Wish there was a way to turn off all the debug and into messages generated by each CC device each time it is refreshed.

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Just to echo a couple of others, this has hugely improved the reliability of the half a dozen chromecast audios that I use around the house. While I'd noted the problem I'd never gotten around to researching or writing a solution - always something more broken :wink:

Thanks for writing and sharing.

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Well, I spoke too soon and am having issues, but believe that they are 100% on the Chromecast side. It appears that Speaker groups on Google are very unreliable and can "disappear"; at this happen even before using CC Helper app. When you refresh or recreate the groups any automation that uses the speaker group looses the group in the action and must be re-edited. I gave up and just had my notifications select all of the speakers individually. This has the side effect of having notifications come from the individual speakers at slightly different times vs all at the same time when using a group. 1st World Problem I suppose. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yup, 100% Chromecast Beta issues. Nothing we can do about it.

Probably why that's been in Beta for so long!! But I also think that there are underlying issues on Speaker Groups in CC, they aren't that reliable. I've probably had to recreate them 4-5 times over the last 6 months.

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Same here.

Just in case it's not widely known yet, you can disable the Chromecast Beta app and your TTS for the devices already set up will still work. Yippee! I did this and it seems to have been one of the factors that has helped my hub be more responsive and work better. As usual, YMMV....

Hummm … will have to try that. Would be good to have virtual devices that I could assign to the physical speakers so I don't have to re-setup all of my automations that use TTS notifications when CC goes caput and I have to re-discover them.

Take a look at Follow Me.

Thanks … I'll check it out.


could you check to see if this app has been affected by the .130/.131 bug?
I had upgraded from .129 ~2 days ago and now what was an otherwise functioning app doesnt seem to be doing anything. I havent changed any settings...

Just turned on the debug and watched the logs... Working just fine here.

seems like the cron did not reset after upgrade -- entered app, saved & all seems ok for now