[RELEASE] Chromecast Helper - Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive

Introducing 'Chromecast Helper'
Simple way to help keep your Google/Nest devices alive.

With Firmware release, Chromecast Integration now includes a setting to enable connection keep-alive through device polling. Making this app no longer needed.

I've been using this method with my 'Follow Me' app for a long time. Since a lot of people don't want/need a full speaker proxy, I made this small app to do the same thing. Hope it helps!

  • Choose your Google/Nest speakers
  • Set how often to initialize (every 4 minutes is recommended)
  • Does not interrupt what the speaker is doing

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using Bundle Manager.

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.



Very simple setup.

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Hope this fills the void while the chrome cast integration continues to be developed by the team. :grin:

@bptworld Thanks, I have it installed and I will let you know.

I’m not sure I get the benefit of this, so Chromecast fall off the networks then ?

The devices connected to the Chromecast Intergration beta have been known to stop being responsive. It happens at completely random times, so no one has been able to nail down the cause but this is one of the ways to be proven to help keep them connected and happily working. Mine have been going strong for months now using the 'initialize' every 4 minutes routine.

YMMV :grin:

Ah, I’ve not used them enough to know I will be sure to install this and set it off!


Does stop the opening beeps before speaking?

@bptworld The logs show the speakers being initialized every 4 min. even with the logging switch turned off in the app. Does this switch in the app control what is put in the logs?

Is their a way to get the app to stop putting all those entries in the log unless we need to look at them? thanks

If you turn logging off in this app, then this app doesn't log anything.

Click on the 'Dev:1234' next to anything you see in the log to know what is sending info to the log. I suspect you need to turn logging off in each device too.

Yes I have the logging turned off in the app and on each device and it still reports every 4 minutes that it sent the initialize.

again, click on the link... I think you'll see it's the device sending the info to the log not CH. I can't control what the device does.

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thanks...I need to give this a try!

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This App seems to have solved my problem of devices always dropping out. It was so bad, I had to uninstall the app and use Alexa Speaks which works fine I guess but didn't like the install process and using a heroku or whatever it's called server plus updating can be more effort then I'm willing to throw at it. Thanks so much for your efforts!!! chrome Cast is working perfect for me now. I've only been running it a day now with no drops but my speakers use to dropout within an hr.

No, that cannot be stopped by any method other than keeping an active cast to the speaker 24/7, which isn't practical. I can say, you might not think that you want it but when you get an announcement your not expecting and it is just someone speaking out of nowhere it is very jarring. I find the beep is actually preferable to the alternative.

Thank you, always appreciated!

Do you know if this will work on a Lenovo smart screen, also?
They were made for Google by Lenovo and can Chromecast.
I can pick it as an option in Chromecast helper.

I don't have a Lenovo so don't know for sure but it should work on anything that has chromecast built in.

Hey @bptworld just a query on this as I’m using the app, I have them all to initialise every 4 mins, but functions like adjusting the volume does not seem to work in the device itself. Is this something you’ve experienced?

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