[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

100% Chromecast Integration. This has been mentioned in several threads.


OK I just wanted to be sure.

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BIG changes (parent/child apps):

  • Major rework to the child app code. Faster, smarter, simpler and built for expansion!
  • Includes a new message queuing system. No more messages cutting off other messages! (Based on concept by djgutheinz, thank you!)
  • Cosmetic changes to make it more eye pleasing and easier to use

BIGGER Changes to the Driver:

  • Major upgrade to the code base. Smarter code with a smaller footprint.
  • What Did I Say driver is now named 'Follow Me Driver' to ease the setup for new users.
    -- To upgrade to the new driver simply overwrite your existing WDIS driver with the new Follow Me Driver code. Then be sure to go into each 'Virtual Device' that uses this driver, check the options and click 'Done'

Note: be sure to go into each child app and check to make sure all the options are set the way you want them. There was major changes made in the code base, so some things may have changed from the way you had them before. After checking each child app, hit 'Done' to save the new settings. Thanks!

V2.0.1 - 11/23/19 - Cosmetic changes

V2.1.0 - 11/13/19 - Major rewrite - More possibilities!

V2.1.0 - 11/14/19 - Name changed to match Follow Me. Major rework. Changes to work with the updated Follow Me (V2.0.5+)

New version on GitHub...

V2.1.1 - 12/02/19 - Speech queue is now optional

Seeing issues with Google Home devices showing the "stuck" announcement in the Queue. Do have any suggestions?

If your talking about the queue option within Follow me, either use the clear queue option and/or turn the queue option off.

If your talking about Google Home Devices in general, that's a whole other subject. Lot's of threads out there, to start look at 'Chromecast Helper'.

Don't you have this built into Follow Me?

Yup, this works for my setup but there are plenty of threads out there with other options too.

Sounds good. Thanks for responding.

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Noticing on a couple of my chromecast devices the warning below in the logs. I'm not using this feature. Any suggesions? Thanks


Yup, show me a real debug log. Not just one line. :wink:

just turn debug on. I will send you the results. Thank you..

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Alright thanks.

As you mentioned, you don't use this feature so it's just a warning that it couldn't find a defined 'priorityVoice'. Nothing to worry about.

To make it go away, change line 930 to:
//log.warn "Follow Me - priorityVoicesHandler - Something went wrong!"

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Sounds good. Thank you.

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New version on GitHub...

V2.1.1 - 03/18/20 - Fixed message priority features

Hi, Tried the new driver and I can't get the message priority function to work properly. It always reverts to the 'Speaker volume for speech (if not automatic)*' setting. Is there anything I can try to try and get the priority function working? Otherwise it works great!

If you need any debug info let me know.

I am sending the speech request to a Google Home Mini, this is the text I am sending

And here is the debug inf for that message

I hope this helps or perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Thanks for the app and driver looking forward to getting it working.


thanks, at the top of your screenshot it says 'In beforeVolume'. I need the next section of the log. :wink:

Thanks for looking at this so quickly.. here is the rest of the log. NB: I have that speaker re-initializing every 4 mins as per your suggestion.

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