Ios app IPHONE (small screens) dashboard - wife friendly

I'm a new user to hubitat... i love its technical interface, but hate the IOS APP (iphone that is)
id like to see

  1. get rid of the bottom bar (mine has 3 buttons "Dashboards" , " Geofence" & "Settings")
    a. "SETTINGS" after its set up, know how many times I go into settings, YEP ZERO!!! let settings be in a hamburger menu at the top, and accessible in the apple settings app (right now limited there) much less keep the non technical users out of settings (aka wife)
    b. "Geofence" what is that even for oh, to SET your fence size... that sounds like a SETTING... move it to settings
    c. "Dashboards" now this is where it is tricky...
    1. id like to see a setting in the DEVICE in devices (where one see my mobile devices) that i set to tell the specific device lets say "wifes iphone" which dashboard should open to when app is launched. And list of dashboards this phone has access to. I got few dashboards that are technical, i don't need, nor does my wife want to deal with them.... she wants simple... so i have simple dashboards... i want the iphone to launch that one always when app is opened... even my iphone, id like to have it load as soon as i open the app.. have it go to the right dashboard, which i have assigned.

also... there should be a notifications section (again from hambuger menu) to see a history of notifications...

now in the actual dashboard, the + and gear (settings) should be removed (have it an option)
the wife doesnt add tiles or change options for the dashboard... heck i dont even do that on the iphone (i do it on a nice large monitor on my pc)
so it should be option to remove that menu and for sure the +(add tile)
at least i can turn of the ... (3 dot menu) as i want to control my home not mess with tiles, save that again for larger screens

Rant over :slight_smile:


Check out smartly dashboard editor. WAF is through the roof, enough said. :wink: (you cannot make it know the device, but you can make a shortcut directly to any dash on a mobile device browser, see edit) Limit the screens she sees with simple dash links to a few basic dashboard, or fit it all on one.

add this to your CSS to hide the top right

.dashboard>div>.header>.flex.flex-auto.justify-end>.flex>i {
visibility: hidden;

Not that I disagree with your request, just a solution for the dash woes.

As for notification (I completely agree) - I use Follow me, from @bptworld, to output logs/messages I want to a dashboard icon.

WDIS - priority messages

and then use email notifier, from @Cobra's sweet suite of drivers/apps, for email to txt notifications.

I would love for more of a single "in-house" solution for all this, but when I finished pounding my head against the hub without a decent result, I found these solutions. Hope some work out for ya.

EDIT: I'll repost this example too

You can set it up several ways here's one. Open the app, and clicking full screen button

Then click your dash to open it in Chrome (or default browser), click the 3 dots and then "Add to Home Screen". Doing this will remove the URL header, and the Hubitat footer, to give you a much cleaner looking dash with one click access



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@TechMedX gives some good suggestions. Everything you want you can do with the built in dashboard. I'll add one more instruction:

Lockdown the dashboards in the hub admin, apps section, Dashboard app, choosing the dashboard you want to lockdown, and select "Lock down dashboard....." at the bottom. This will remove the "+" and gear options in the upper right of the dashboard.

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great on the lockdown, i kinda wish it was by "device"/"user" but ill take it
thanks for telling me about it

My recommendation is to just set up a simple dashboard using buttons etc. Here's an example of simple actions I've set up (using nice background images you can make it look appealing and simple to use)...

Run it from a browser but then use the "add to homescreen" option to create a link directly in the phone (I believe you can do this on an iPhone like you can on Android). This way you can run the dashboard without all the normal browser clutter.

Also, in addition, you could use the dashboard settings to remove all unnecessary options, like the 3 dot menus of each tile, to make it as uncluttered and easy to use as possible.

My wife likes the apple home app, it’s a little more work to setup.

question, where do these images live? on the hubitat's file system?

No, I just source them from the Web. Google​ ​is your friend for finding them. Just search for a nice image that works for you. Make sure to open the image in a new tab and find the url of the image. Make sure its nothing fancy, just a png or jpeg etc. Then copy the url for that image and paste it into the dashboard tile as the background image. Voila. This way you don't even have to host the image yourself locally (although obviously that is a better solution if your Internet goes out or whoever hosts the image decides to delete it) :grin:

Here's an example button with an image url I simply lifted off the Internet somewhere. So they host the image for me for free lol. Just look for one that has more or less the right aspect ratio for whatever shape of tile you think to use.

It's literally a 5 minute job to set some nice images up and transforms the dashboard's look & feel. Please try it!

If you decide to host the images yourself locally then it's not too difficult. You can set up something like a Raspberry Pi and run Apache2 web server on it. It sounds daunting but it's actually quite simple to set up. Various instructions for this can be found on the interwebs :smiley:

yea, thats what i thought... trying to avoid non locally hosted images
be cool to host images on the hubitat... why no sd card mr hubitat :slight_smile:

Now you can!

yes... i see a file manager... i guess over next few weeks things might develop...

Is this smartly dashboard editor still available for access? I can't open any of its link.

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