[RELEASE] Follow Me Driver

Introducing 'Follow Me Driver'
This driver formats Speech data to be displayed on Hubitat's Dashboards and also acts as a proxy speaker to 'Follow Me'.


  • Display a log of your latest speech on any Dashboard
  • Can display your last 5 or 10 messages
  • Adjustable font size
  • Time format selection - 12h or 24h

When used with 'Follow Me'

  • Use as a proxy speaker for 'Follow Me'
  • color coded priority messages
  • Display speaker status on dashboards

In any app that has a speech option, simply select the 'Follow Me' device in addition to your normally selected speech device. Whatever is sent to your speech device will also be sent to this device.

Note: if you find an app that doesn't work with this driver, please drop me a message and I'll see what I can do!

Now all you have to do is add this device to one of your dashboards to see what was said!

All updates can now be found here:



Will SSML tags interfere with these logs? I'm testing "break" which works on GHM.

No idea, go ahead and try and see what happens.

I get the below error in the log
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method get() on null object on line 95 (speak)
What Did I Say - Received new Speech! V Presence Plus is not present

Any help how to resolve it. I do not get any data on the tiles.

What app or driver is throwing the error?

Steps to recreate the error?

I get the error from Rule machine enabling the Speak Message on 'Echo Speak' .
On the What Did I Say Virtual device it always say

Current States

  • whatDidISay : Waiting for Data...

Followed the steps mentioned in the link below recreates the error.

Ok thanks,

Let me try something...

@ajeshm, please try the new version on Github

V1.0.1 - 02/08/19 - Changed the 'How many lines' field from 5 or 10, to any number from 1 to 10. Attempt to fix a reported error.

Thanks! It is working now :+1:

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Awesome, glad to hear.


New version on Github...

V1.0.4 - 03/02/19 - Fixed the date being display on tile

This is great!!! For most of my notifications I also have lights that blink or flash. But when I have my Audio alerts turned off (when I'm on the phone for example) I only get the flashing lights. Then I have to guess what the alert was. With this, I can just look it up! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. THANK YOU!!

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Yeah, I turn off the speakers at night but WDIS still logs activity, so I can easily see something triggered the vehicle detection or outdoor motion.

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New version on Github...

V1.0.5 - 03/17/19 - Added code to make this compatible with my 'Follow Me' app. Also each Message will now have a max length of 70 characters displayed. To reduce load on the Dashboards. This does NOT affect what is actually spoken.

New version on Github..

V1.0.6 - 03/27/19 - More enhancements for 'Follow Me', color coded priority messages!

This is what it looks like when used with 'Follow Me'...

How do you get the color coding? Is that only possible with Follow Me?

Yup, as stated ... This is what it looks like when used with 'Follow Me'.

Yeah, what it doesn't say is "Color only works with Follow Me". LMAO.

New version on Github...

V1.0.7 - 04/03/19 - Add ability to display Speaker status on dashboards - requires 'Follow Me'

New version on Github...

V1.0.9 - 04/03/19 - Attempt to fix an error

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