[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

Would you please let Bruce fix the issue with the brackets first. Trust me, this works just fine in RM 2.5.

OK, no problem :smiley:


I have removed the spaces from around the square brackets in RM. I can also confirm that I am using RM 2.5 for the 'hourly chime' but it still refuses to work with regard to changing the TTS Voice. I have updated RM to version 3.0, however the rule is showing as RM 2.5. I guess I will have to wait for Bruce to fix the issue as the 2.5 rule will be running with the RM 3.0 code.

Had some time to play around with this today...

Good news is I got the voices to change correctly. Even added a random option. :grin:

Bad news...@aryvin this won't fix your problem with languages. Each voice is just that, a voice. The message will still speak in english, just with a different accent. Don't know why I thought it would change the language... I blame it on the new meds. :sunglasses:

New Version on Github...

V1.1.6 - 05/14/19 - Changed voice options to just one Fun (F) and a Random (R)

Hi Bryan,
Fortunately you are mistaken. Everything is working perfectly and languages are switched correctly. Thanks a million for this wonderful app. :joy:

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This was post was originally written for the Chromecast? thread but thought it would make a great example here too.

Changing languages is easy.

In Follow Me, set your voices...
Note: This also requires the What Did I Say driver.

Then in RM or any other app that sends voice, set it up using the Prefixes from Follow Me.

And this is what you get...Notice the INFO lines.

BAM, multiple languages on the Hubitat! Fast, simple and works great. :wink::grin:

New version on Github...

Now you can send a sound file prior to speaking the message (speechSynth only)

V1.1.7 - 06/09/19 - Code changes to better handle priority messages. Added sounds for speech synth devices.

Here are two examples of URL format...
Local rPI example:


Be sure your 'What did I say' driver is also up to date to use this version

Where do you set the sound URL at?

Under "Speech Options" Flip the switch - "Play a sound before message", then scroll down.

You're not using 'Speech Synth'. Cleary says in the release notes that priority messaging options are speechSynth only. At some point I hope to add it to the 'Music Player' but won't be anytime soon. Sorry.

Notice the line in your screenshot:

  • Priority Options are only available when using Speech Synth option.

It would look like this...

I am using speech synth

Alright then... let me take a look

Please try the new version on Github...

V1.1.8 - 06/11/19 - Fixed when priority settings are visible

Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

It now shows...can't test as I'm not home..but assume that part's fine. Thanks!

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Man, I wished I had seen this before I spent time writing my own version. Although I do find it far more efficient to check currentValue rather than managing event subscriptions. Not so much for motion, as you have to do the delay, but with switches and presence and such.

I'm not hearing my audio on the Google homes...

And shoutout for this app...this works great!!!

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I would need to see a log please

Will this speak and resume or restore sonos speakers?

It speaks. It does not resume.