Display last time status change on Tiles

You can place one tile on top of another tile so in theory your “info” tile could be located below your “control” tile.
Obviously this would impose some limitations such as the useable colours but might be used to reduce the tile count.

I was suggesting a solution for your specific use case of surfacing the last activity in your vacant house. My solution tells you the last time anything happened in the house with where or when and isn't limited to motion sensors. I use motion sensors, door locks, contact sensors .. anything that denotes physical movement. I'd rather have one tile tell me than having to look at 30 tiles to see their individual last time active status.

That said, I think having a last changed date/time on just about every device type is a great idea.

FYI, the Alexa App has something similar when viewing status of contacts:

This lets me see that the last power failure at the house was at 8:20PM on 12/15/2019.

Yup. Exactly what we are looking for. So much more convenient than digging through a log or tapping into and then backing out of each device.

Well, as far as I know, the Alexa app doesn't let me see information for multiple contact devices on a single screen. I don't believe I can even see the status of a contact without first opening the screen for that one contact. After doing so, I can see the info shown in the image above (contact status and time stamp).

And Alexa does not support motion sensors.

Totally agree with you DaDrum that the feature you are describing would be REALLY nice to have in HE and is one of the things I miss from Wink. This is probably the most useful piece of information to have on a dashboard, simply when the last event took place. I was actually just searching for how to do this tonight because a light turned on when it shouldn't have and I wanted to quickly see if the motion detector had just detected motion. Similar use cases like this come up frequently.
As workarounds I use a couple methods that are not quite as simple and straightforward, but are good in there own right and least give me some insight.

  1. I use What did I say by bptworld: [RELEASE] What Did I Say (Driver)
    This allows me to create my own "event list" of sorts that is customized to only the events I am interested in and pertinent. It works well and I'd definitely recommend checking it out.
  2. I use Hubitat Safety Monitor and Notifications extensively to actively notify me of events that should not happen..
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My method is not fancy but is a simplistic workaround. I always make the grid for my dashboards 20+ x 10+ so that I have more options with heights & widths. For my motion sensors, i first added a Motion Sensor tile that is 4x4. I then added an Attribute tile for same sensor that is 3x4 and stacked them one on top of the other. Since I created the Attribute tile 2nd, it's on top.




I like this idea. So does the 'lastUpdated' attribute show last motion for a motion detector and last open for a contact sensor? What about a multi sensor? I assume it would show potentially last update of temp for example if it was a motion/temp sensor.

Just found out the answer. 'Last updated' includes any updates including temp, so this isn't going to work for most of my devices since almost every type of sensor is a multi sensor nowadays. Bummer..

That's too bad. In my case, these are virtual sensors linked to RF sensors thru a Sonoff Bridge using MQTT. The temperature shown on my tiles is not real and definitely won't change unless I change it on device page.

Reading through this thread again, some really creative ideas out there. Im going to try and mesh a few to see what pans out. Hopefully HE see's this one and it gains some steam for the future.
Thanks everyone for posting.

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It looks like the update that just was released has ability to create a time variable and set variable when motion is detected change using RM. @evan.durgin I think that means that you will be able to get last motion instead of relying on Last Update which also includes temp and put it neatly on a dashboard.

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Thanks @stephen_nutt. I've setup those attribute tiles, and you're right Last Update isn't the most ideal. Do you have any more details on this new feature or point me in the right direction please?

In order to just get the last time a motion sensor went active or a contact sensor, you will have to create a variable, variable connector, and a Rule for each device separately. Then, in the rule, when the motion sensor senses motion or contact sensor opens, then set that device's affiliated variable to current time. Then, create a dashboard with Attribute tiles for each of the variable connectors.

I didn't pursue it beyond a couple of devices. It was too tedious and the effort wasn't worth the prize.

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How did you get the time variable to be set with time. When I go into RM, try to select the time variable to be set the dropdown is left blank and it's not possible to set a time to it. The only option available is "Cancel"

After creating the variable and before trying to create the action, you must create the Connector for the local variable. Sorry, I hadn't done this in a while and left out that important step.

I did that, my connector is created but I can't find a way to set the connector to the inactive time of the motion detector

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I was using global variables, that's why it wouldn't work, you need to use local variables :upside_down_face:

Thanks-you !