Any Way to Get Logs in a Dashboard?

So while I am so glad to be DONE with Wink, the one feature I miss greatly is an on-going event log accessible on my phone. Is there anyway hubitat logs can be added onto a dashboard? ...ideally with some of the detail removed? For example I don't care that the water and motion sensors all are reporting the temp every 30mins but it would be awesome if they could just report actions (ie entry motion at 9am, office motion at 9:02am, master bedroom motion at 9:10am etc)

This type of feature is great to remotely keep track of dog walkers or house sitters when on vacation or as funny as it sounds, confirmation of when you got home after fun nights out on the town.

I have a notification alert setup but it only shows up on my phones alerts at the top of the screen and doesn't serve as a great log you can scroll up and down and really get a sense of what happened throughout the day/night especially when away when a phone app is most convenient.

I get why you would want it, and there's probably a way, but I would anticipate this creating issues as it would be continually updating. I'm not a developer, so I wouldn't know thing one about retrieving this information, but If something specific is of interest to you, then why not just set up a notification through either the app or pushover? Just curious.

I did setup a notification as the next best solution and it's not bad, it's just that an on going log is much better. I'm not a programmer so differ to those who know best, all I can tell you is the feature was fantastic...and hubitat has a logging feature, just not in the app and way too detailed so I'd think they're maybe 80% of the way there?!?!?!?

The problem is that it's only local. So what you want to do would exercise strain on the hub and your internet connection. It is mostly recommended to turn off logging unless you are debugging rules or problems. Keeps things running well on the hub.

Sort of a workaround, but I think it will work.

In the Dashboard, click the 3 dots in the device itself. There is a little "History" text in the upper right corner. Click that. I think it works local as well as from cloud.

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This shows the activity of that device. It does work local and cloud.

Thanks for the workaround suggestion. I tried this in the app where I went into the dashboard where the virtual switch's switch is located that triggers the away-intruder notice, but the only history it showed was the history of when the switch was activated....what am I doing wrong?

That is the only way to get remote logs that I am aware of.

I think others have requested the log tab to be cloud or dashboard enabled, but I don't know if the team has this on their radar.

I would assume there are bigger fish to fry, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

Well it's functioning enough via notification alerts to my phone for now, so I'm grateful for ongoing log function would be awesome, let's see what happens:)

You could add a "link" tile and use http://HUB_IP/logs/past
Its not pretty and opens in the same page, so navigation may be hard.

I do have a more inventive way of achieving this.

I signed up for Zappier recently, and had a play with taking emails of a certain type and adding them to an RSS feed (notifications and the like. )

I use @Cobra's Email Notifier to send emails to a gmail address I setup for this purpose (sign up at for free to obtain the Email Notifier driver), and then Zappier takes those mails and passes to an RSS feed. On my phone, I use the Feedly app, and I'm able to scroll up and down the notifications which were sent. (Currently its not pretty, but work in progress).

But this sounds something like what you may be looking for? Just send notifications for those events you want to track :slight_smile:

I even have the RSS feeds on my Dash, when the screensaver kicks in, it shows two RSS feeds via Dakboard

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@adam7 If you REALLY want Dashboard logs you can do it with @bptworld Follow me driver. Follow me will make a virtual device you can send any entry you want to via RM. You would need to create an entry for each event you wanted to log, set it's priority, and description.

Depending on how much stuff your talking about that could create a lot of "traffic". It may not be advisable unless you have a second hub doing the heavy lifting. My primary hub just does lighting rules, and device control. The second hub you see listed is the one the does dashes/custom event logging/hubigraph, and all the other "non-essential" stuff I WANT, but don't NEED.

Here's what it looks like. (@april.brandt don't look; lock reboot rule :laughing: )

Log pic borrowed from follow me thread. [H:0] - Red text [N:0] - White text [L:0] -Yellow text

EDIT: Since I mentioned Hubigraph it got me thinking you could use it as well to make a more visual graph of the events. It all depends on what you going for.


honestly i would consider an IFFFT integration for this. maybe have it record states into a google sheet for you. that might give you what you want.

Thanks for those recommendations, albeit challenging ones to get up and running and maybe at the peril of a well functioning single hub...I am going to dig into these and see what develops.


I like this URL: http://HUB_IP/logs/past

Wondering how you found out about it, and if you have any others besides :8081 that you can reveal.



It’s just the URL for the past logs :wink:

Nah no others besides the live logging :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since you asked

HUB IP/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

I find about them by smart people posting them and me reading. :wink: