And that would he a wonderful feature to have. But I don't think that an entire reworking of the architecture of the hubs TTS is warranted since @bptworld has a solution that should work for you, correct?
My point is, that is a very particular feature that would be useful to a small subset of the user base. Wouldn't it be better for the team to spend its energy on stuff we all can use?

Hi Guys,

It was just a product improvement request, didn't think it would start such a long thread😁.

It is a shame that it has been dismissed as niche. There are a lot of features of the hub only used by small groups but isn't that the point of hubitat? a product that is ultra flexible and can be configured to each person's individual needs?

Thanks to @bptworld for your solution.


Hey it was a good request and you never know if you don't ask. Don't let other members discourage you from putting ideas out there. I have seen more than one request filled simply cuz staff wanted something simpler to work on for awhile.


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to change the chromecast's volume from RM? Chromescast device has a setvolume command but I can not see how to access it from RM.

I would like to be able to change the volume dependant on the urgency of the message and Day / night mode

If not I can write my own app but I would have thought something as simple as this would be possible from RM

Thanks for any help

Within Rule Machine 3.0, you can now utilize "Custom Actions" as part of your True or False action sections. If you select "Custom Action", you will be presented with the option to select a device (e.g. your chromecast device) and then a list of that device's commands will appear. You should be able to select the setVolume() and pass in a parameter with the value you want to volume set to.


Follow Me can do this too.... :wink::sunglasses::upside_down_face:

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You could do a series of simple conditions to facilitate that.

Hi @ogiewon,

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately google mini doesn't reliably take any notice of the custom action from RM unless it is preceded by a refresh(). so for those who want to change the volume through RM, this is what is needed:


That's helpful, thank you!

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Ok, I'm lost. I wen to create Custom Command and I can't find anywhere to add this.

This is all I see in create custom command


You need to start with the Chromecast app which will create the devices. I have found that it is also more reliable if you give the chromecast a fixed IP in your DHCP server.

Actuator. You can also use Custom Actions within a Rule action.

You don't have to create a custom command, You can use custom ACTION.

I have Chromecast app running. The problem I'm having is in Custom Command or Custom actions, I don't have the option anywhere to enter the Custom Commands. I can name it, then I get the drop down, but nowhere to select the Google Speakers.

As @SmartHomePrimer mentioned, select 'actuator' as the capability. Then you should be able to select your device and the custom actions/commands for it.

Once you do those steps, you just pick the command setVolume and then add a number parameter and input what volume you want to set it to.

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Thank you all for the help. I'll be back at it tonight to run through your steps!

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Has anyone else noticed a random clicking from their Google Home Speaker? I only have one google home speaker so I have no way to test if it's just the speaker starting to fail. I thought it might be the Chromecast Helper app, but I've disabled it and it still happens so rules that out. It's totally at random times with no logs or errors relating to the speaker when it starts clicking. Sometimes I can say "Hey Google, Why are you clicking" and get a response of Hmmm, I'm not sure and about 75% of the time the clicking stops. Other times I have to shut the speaker off wait and turn back on for it to stop.

Any ideas or others experiencing this?

I have several google homes throughout the house, of which 4 are in areas I frequently am in for long periods of time and have never heard my google homes clicking. Best of luck, that would drive me bonkers.

It's subtle enough that it makes you think it's when the NSA hit's "record", but loud enough to drive you nuts over and over.