so... what can we do with chromecast integration?

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Poor man Sonos.


TTS to google home devices, works great!


So would this replace the need for cast API for those of us that use that for tts (instead of Google relay)?

I would look myself but I won't be in front of my hub until Saturday.

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Are people actually having any luck with this? I've run discovery a bunch of times and it never finds any of my devices.

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Yep, picked up all 7 of my devices within 10 seconds or so.

I believe it uses the cast beeps like every other cast connection I've ever used. Does not do broadcasts like Google Assistant Relay, that's a different API.

It picked up everything I own in just a few seconds. Even my old android TV.

Are you using different networks/vlans maybe?

Same here

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Same here. Logs show 11 refreshes. 0 devices found on each refresh. Tagging @chuck.schwer for insight.

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No devices found here either.

It found all of mine... Shield, Homes, Mini's, Hubs and Chromecast Audio devices. It even has my groups. Took about 15 seconds.

Makes sense. That is perfect for me, and why I used the cast API in the past.

I have a home in each bedroom and sure didn't want HE messages broadcasting to those! The Chromecast method let's you specify the ones that annunciate.

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Unable to pick up any of my devices. I have a unifi AP behind a pfSense box. Trying to figure it out I ran across a post on another forums about turning on Multicast for unifi. Didn't work for me. So it could be my pfsense box blocking something. I am not sure how it discovers the devices. Be nice to have a manual option to add them.

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It uses mDNS for discovery.
Yeah, I'll see about a manual option.


Ubiquti USG router here and a pihole. Not finding any thing on my setup.

I have pihole as well. I forgot about that. Ill check to see if that has something to do with it.

Nothing discovered on my LAN either... This is using my DEV hub.

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No discoveries on my end either.
I've got one Home Hub and two Minis.

[app:1697]( 10:02:17.759 pm [info]( stopped...

[app:1697]( 10:02:16.820 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:11, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:15.739 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:10, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:14.776 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:9, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:13.755 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:8, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:12.833 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:7, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:11.654 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:6, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:10.667 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:5, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:09.725 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:4, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:08.609 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:3, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:07.644 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:2, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:06.642 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:1, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:05.502 pm [debug](, refreshInterval:1, refreshCount:0, found:0

[app:1697]( 10:02:05.464 pm [info]( started...

Edit: Rebooted HE and Network equipment. No change.

Excited about this feature. What else can we do to help the beta?

I just upgraded my Production Hub to and the Chromecast Beta App does discover all of my Google devices on the LAN! WooHoo!

Not sure why one does and the other does not... they are physically attached to different portions of the LAN, so maybe a network switch is at fault?

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