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NO sonos doesn't work well with HE yet as it won't speak and resume.

ah, so it's not just me who's having issues with Echo speaks. What can I do to help get it back up and running?

It's an Amazon cookie issue. Nothing can be done until the app developer figures out what's going on. It seems to be working for some but not others. I assume that's because their cookies have not expired yet.

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Not working in Canada.

Try manually adding the Amazon cookie and CSRF into the app in Heroku. You can follow the instructions here to get the cookie and CSRF.

I'm using the built in Beta chromecast and it was OK.... UNTIL I started using BP's Follow me app. Now it works perfect for what I use it for.

His app handles waking up the Google devices and setting volumes and voices. Plus now I really like the fact I can enable speakers based on presence (motion) in the room.

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I think it depends on how Sonos is being used. I've resigned myself to the idea that it will be a constant battle between Echo Speaks/Alexa TTS and Amazon. To limit my frustration, I bought a couple of Sonos and I use them as announcement devices through out the house. They work great for that! If I want streaming music, then I use my Echos/Dots. I don't doubt that there are issues with starting, stopping and resuming audio when an announcement comes through. However, for what I'm doing, the HE implementation is great.

It's a sad and bit pricey compromise and it's driven by Amazon's need to keep 3rd Parties at bay. For example, I can't add my Sonos to an audio group in Amazon even though they "work-with-Alexa". Another example is that we in the HA community are dependent on a couple of really smart folks constantly working on their code to keep up with undocumented or unannounced changes.

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I think this also "depends". Mine resume most of the time. Seems to be related to how often in a short period of time that playback is interrupted, as to whether it resumes.

I'm waiting until August to solve this by adding a couple of the Ikea Sonos speakers just for TTS. Leaving my 5 & 1s for what they do best. Music!


@homeauto2112 In my automations, I am exactly the opposite of yours. I use my echos for speaking and I leave my sonos for music as they sound way better than echo dots (which is what I have). When I was on ST, I had all my speech coming through my sonos speakers and they would speak and resume what was playing. It worked great! This has been the one disappointing thing with HE. But I guess we can't have everything!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now that we have an official mobile app, why not use those speakers? Seems the driver only uses my mobile as a text messaging recipient. Speaker would be really no matter where I am my phone is near. All of my work high priority alerts go to this, so why not my high priority home alerts?

I know this is an old thread. However, I am waiting for my hub to get here and reading up on all the things I want to move over. Is the cast web API listed above in Github the one we need to copy into the HE platform? I currently have it running on my old platform. Just checking to see if there are tweaks to the code that need to be made to allow it to work on HE?

You can just use the built in chromecast. I used it for a while with my TV and it just got nixed because it was interrupting my wife's TV watching. I thought it was pretty nice though. Echo Speaks also works very reliably now (for me at least) if you have Alexa devices.

Depends on how you use Sonos.
I personally think the integration is fantastic for TTS.

For full control of music, yes, there are some painpoints to work through in terms of resuming music that was playing or deeper control. But there are work-around there as well.

Yeah I also have some issues with Sonos, particularly when the internet goes down and comes back, it seems that only about half of my Sonos speakers work anymore from Hubitat, no sure if I need to reserve an IP for them or what but annoying enough to make me go 100% echos for TTS.

I have all of my HA devices set with reserved IP addresses.
You don’t have your router and hub on a backup? :scream_cat:

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I do but sometimes power outages outlast that or when the WiFi is misbehaving I give it a reboot. Also since the Sonos devices form a mesh network I am not really sure how DHCP reservations would work with that.

I didn't know that, but would imagine they wouldn't be any different than devices connected to a switch, which are fine with having a reservation. They still have to get their IP from the router.

Yeah idk, I may give it another go, but honestly I don't feel like I am missing out on anything with my current Echo Dot setup. On another note, if you are interested in looking up their mesh, search up SonosNet.

I will admit that I use Echo Speaks for all of my TTS announcements and it has been solid for me, so no arguments there. It's the old "if it ain't broke"...

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I even heard he was thinking about making a light version that only does TTS without any of the other functions/rules. I just hope that the light version includes Alexa guard support as well.

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