[RELEASE] Envisalink App & Driver for Vista/Ademco/Honeywell Alarm via smartthings-nodeproxy



Should work the same as the redloro/SmartThings integration (i.e. 2 way integration with HSM).


  1. A Vista/Ademco/Honeywell alarm (NOT DSC alarm) connected to a Envisalink 3 or 4. For DSC, go here.

  2. A working installation of smartthings-nodeproxy from redloro: GitHub - redloro/smartthings: SmartThings home automation services, apps and devices (which means you need another machine on your network to talk to your Envisalink; RPi works fine). Not as clean as a native integration, but then again, I've not had any issues with the smartthings-nodeproxy in years. Feel free to look at the DSC version here if you're interested in making the updates to this code to make it native: Envisalink Integration Application and Connection Driver.

  3. You'll need to the MAC address of the device running your node proxy. This is a new requirement that wasn't necessary if you're moving from SmartThings to HE.

  4. Requires your alarm has a single partition (feel free to adjust the code and send me a pull request)

  5. Requires you only have 1 HE device (or be installing this on your 1st hub - hub[0]).

  6. You'll need to configure HSM (i.e. give it some sensors to monitor in both ArmHome and ArmAway) in order for it to update status properly.

v 1.0.1 - Fixed double disarm issue when disarming via keypad. Resolved the parseLanMessage error.

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