Envisalink Integration

Here is the support for DSC/Envisalink integration. Thanks to @chuck.schwer and @doug for all their help. I hacked together what they've started in my version to do what I want for my alarm system which include contact and motion sensors. This will create three virtual switches for armhome, armaway and disarm so that it can be used with the dashboard.

First, install the DH for the virtual contact sensor below:

UPDATE: Removing this for now since. Please use the version released by @doug


Sweet thanks

Well, I wasn't quite ready to put this out in the public yet. But there ya go.

Please see my post on the original version of this driver and application, if you desire.


Thanks for your work on this !! I’ll try it later when I get home from work!!

I am new to Hubitat and I installed the driver and the app as noted above. However, the contact for my door always shows closed. When I use the native envisalink page, I can see that the contact is open for that zone.

The name for the Envisalink defaults to Envisalink. should that be changed for my device or is that the standard for the communications. I have loaded the user password that is on the native web page.

Any guidance is appreciated.



You should use this version. @doug has been doing awesome work updating it.

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I got Envisalink Integration and drivers installed and it does report the status of my zones properly. However, I note this error in the logs:

dev:162019-02-11 10:46:25.668 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method offonly() on null object on line 261 (parse)

dev:162019-02-11 10:46:25.656 pm debugDSC - Partition Ready

dev:162019-02-11 10:46:25.168 pm debugMain Kitchen Door closed

dev:162019-02-11 10:46:20.680 pm debugDSC - Partition NOT Ready

dev:162019-02-11 10:46:20.154 pm debugMain Kitchen Door opened

Am I using a wrong driver or app version? Or is this to be expected?



Yeah you should use Doug version. My version need special virtual switch DH.

Its all working but I see this error:

dev:162019-02-13 09:56:28.293 am errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method offonly() on null object on line 261 (parse)


I've been using Doug's app and driver for a some time without issues, but after some tweaking with mi alarm system and as I saw I was using an outdated version I decided to start again from scratch with the latest driver and app.

Problem is the link to the code doesn't seem to be working, I'm sure it worked a few days ago (that's when I checked the actual version against my install).

I can't find the code for the integration driver and app anywhere...

Any clues what happened? This integration was just awesome, leveraging all the DSC stuff into HE was the best.


Doug has asked the hubitat staff to remove the thread. Unfortunately it's gone for now, I hope if/when hubitat fixes these performance/slowdown issues he will return. Doug has done an amazing job with this integration, I've been using it for almost a year now. Its sucks to see him go.

Uninstalling Doug's DSC integration was the worst decision I've made in my HE installation... now I can't go back.

I'll be waiting for the resurrection of this code. It was just great.

Just in case, @Doug if you need someone to beta test the code, I'm eager to give it a try.


Wow, this sucks. I have been building my alarm and using this code to work the automation. So is there no real Envisalink integration now? I mean if he had at least left the code, someone else could have picked up where he left off.

The code is still there-- magic of the GPL and forking. GitHub - bdwilson/hubitat_envisalink: Integration for Hubitat to Envisalink 3 or 4

I had copies. Thanks for putting your clone up! It just sucks that this isn't in progress anymore. I was just starting to get my alarm done. I don't think he had done keyfob zone integration yet. I would like to trigger events based on keyfob zones. I tried to set them up as contact but that doesn't seem to work.

Is there any way to change the Envisalink IP address without going through the entire app installation process again?

Under "Devices", find the "Envisalink Connection" device and go to the device edit page... Scroll down to preferences... Change the IP Address... click on "Save Preferences"... Once the page reloads, click on the "initialize" command button...

Thanks for your super-quick reply! I have done that, there is a “preferences” section that allows me to modify the IP address - done that - but when I go back to Apps/Envisalink Integration and click on * info, it still shows the old IP address.

It will... But turn on logs... When you run initialize() It will show it connecting to the new IP address...

The envisalinkIP variable in the plugin status page can only (easily) be changed by removing and reinstalling the app... Live with it... It does not affect anything...

You are right, works! Thanks a lot, very much appreciate you helping me out so quickly :slight_smile:

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