[2.2.5] - Use USB WiFi dongle with your C5/C7 hub

There is now a way to use some WiFi dongles with your C5/C7 hub. As of now, earlier models are not supported - they run a very different version of the operating system.

Since there is no separate USB port, connecting an external USB device requires an OTG + power cable. The link points to the particular cable I've used, but there probably are others out there. For the sake of full disclosure, we do not earn commissions from any of the devices mentioned in the links.

Connect USB power cable to the female micro-USB connector of the OTG + power cable, plug the male micro-USB connector to the hub, and plug USB adapter to the large square USB connection.

WiFi dongles require drivers, and setting them up is a bit more involved. Current version supports TP-Link long range, TP-Link mid-range, and TP-Link nano USB WiFi adapters. Pick one that best suits your range and packaging requirements. Go to Settings - Networking, click Install WiFi drivers and wait for the hub to download and install required code. This may take up to a minute. Once there's a confirmation, enter WiFi configuration, save it, and reboot.

If you decide to no longer use USB networking device, simply disconnect it. No rollback is necessary, and Ethernet connection will always work as it does now.