Sensor Groups+ [Resurrected]

New thread to track support requests against the Sensor Groups+ Code. HPM users will want to use the UnMatch feature, and then run the Match Up process to change the repository to the Sensor Groups+ [Resurrected] entry.



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Thanks for picking this up Jean!


@thebearmay would you be willing to add gas sensors, distinct from smoke or carbon dioxide?

I’ll look into it. Any specific sensors you have in mind? (Want to get a feel for what the attribute sets are.)

Edit: Only capability that seems to match is gasDetector with the attribute naturalGas.

Pushed up a new child app for Gas Detectors and updated the parent app and OmniSensor device. HPM should pick up those changes.


Yes, that’s the one.

Once again, we owe you! Thanks for adopting this app.


Great that you picked this up. Do you think there's a reason why the app didn't implement the lock capability in the omni device driver? Perhaps that capability was added after this was developed? Does it make sense to add it now? If so, that'd be helpful for me.

The app was never intended to be two way, but I'll leave that up to bear as to whether or not he wants to add it. This is also leveraging a custom driver and not the built-in omni device.

There is a lock sensor group child app, but like the name suggests, and consistent with the other apps, it just tracks the status of the locks that are assigned.

@thebearmay this has turned into a bread and butter app in my environment. Love it - thank you for picking it up.

One minor question/idea — is there a way to structure the group sensor devices to show up with the corresponding attribute? In other words, a Temp group sensor, as currently constructed, wouldn’t show up as a temperature sensor in apps or dashboards looking for a temperature. Same for smoke detectors. And the rest, et al.

It’s not fatal because there are workarounds, but it would make things just a bit more elegant.

If I'm thinking correctly it should be as easy as adding the Temperature Measurement capability to the driver, i.e. a one line change. I'll take a closer look when I'm back home.

It will need one other change to add the temperature attribute (this will be a duplicate of AverageTemp)

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Just tried to create a new Group and when I open the parent app I am missing the buttons to create new child apps?

I recently upgraded to and it has been a while since I created a new group.
I am using Sensor Groups+ v2.2.5. I have 2 Child Groups that are still functioning fine and can access them from here the main apps screen.

I turned on debug and see the following:

But they are all installed. I did a Repair in HPM and Modified my install to also add the child apps I was not using and neither changed my result. If I click on one of my existing child apps they work fine. I also tried adding a new parent app with a different name and got the same result and debug messages.

Anyone else seeing the same issue or is this unique to me? @thebearmay, any other suggestions I can try?


Can anyone please confirm that if they are also seeing this same issue or if this is uniquely a problem that I am having?

Looks like this is possibly due to the 2.3.6.x UI changes, should be an easy fix.

@MikeSas v2.2.6 has the fix

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That did it. Thanks!

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