How to combine multiple sensor status into one <something> that can be shown on a Dashboard

I have a number of water sensors. I would like to have a Dashboard tile showing "OK" if all are dry and "Leakage" if any one senses water.

I know I can create a RM rule but is there another easier method?


Easier method. Tile Builder - multi-attribute!
problem. solved.


Could look at Sensor Groups+ [Resurrected]

With Tile Builder Advanced using the Attribute Monitor you could do something like this.

It there is a leak it would look like this.

This uses the filtering feature to only show those lines that match user provided strings.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll look into both. I like what @garyjmilne showed but I also like simple applications.


Any app that is maintained and that you didn't write is simple.

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My mistake, should be "an app that uses minimal resources".

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Yes, it's a big app for just that one thing. But I'll hazard a guess that you will end up with multiple custom tiles. That is where Tile Builder really shines.
A) One App instead of multiple apps.
B) One device can hold 25 tiles so you don't end up with a variety of single purpose devices.
C) You can configure your tiles to be consistent in color, font, etc.
D) You are not limited by what someone has already created.

But I wrote it so I'm biased. :laughing:


It looks like a great app. I am, however not a "dashboard" person. The singular goal for this need is to allow me the piece of mind when not at home.
So for now a simple OK or not OK for a few sensors is all I need.

BTW your example gave me the idea of capturing the time of the transition from OK to not OK and perhaps displaying that (only for the leak sensors).
Also note I have a Water Cop which in theory I could assume if it's open things are OK, but somehow that isn't enough for me.

Not to beat a dead horse but I don't want others to read your statement and assume TB is greedy on resources. Tile Builder uses the very efficient Hubitat event model. A new tile is only generated when one of the monitored attributes changes. For example this is my mailbox tile which as you might expect fires once per day.

First column is milliseconds and second column is instances. So it fired once today and used 136 milliseconds. 5th column is the % of total CPU which is so small it doesn't register.

I know what you are saying though, it's a big application for a small task.