Several switches but only one is on at the time

I'm trying to setup one Rule Machine conditioner for "Scenes" to condition several scenes such as Bright, Relax, Concentrate etc.. (ps. Group and scenes is not capable of commanding effects properly for Hue and Govee lights at once properly so i had to do it with 1) virtual switch + 2) rule machine, my issue that I want the scene switch to indicate what scene is ON right now, then when i turn On another scene (switch) the previous one should be indicated off as scene switched..

but I don't seem to get my head around this, I tried with condition to turn Off other scenes switch further it is very unreliable.. any ideas

ps. Auto Off for switch isn't an option as i need the switch to indicate on dashboard which scene (switch) is actually on

Probably want to check this out for making sure only one is on at a time.

Then you can use this to display which one is actually on.

thank you I'm checking out the One at a time, i thought this should be kinda basic something for the Rule Machine config, surprised I will need work around for such a supposedly basic :confused: